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Posted Jan 03 2010 12:00am
We got back yesterday afternoon to a freezing house and unloaded the car, hunching ourselves against the horizontal sleet which was turning to ice the moment it touched the ground. We each of us had our different priorities on getting back in; AJ wanted to make a fire, I headed for the kitchen to put the kettle on, little R needed to find a plastic thing, draw a picture, make a tower out of bricks, watch TV and run round in small circles.

Both AJ's family and mine live within a few miles of each other 'down South'. We travelled down just after Christmas and have been staying with his parents. It was a full house and a load of fun. The pace of life for older people is much slower and I found it suited me very well. There was much sitting and chatting or just sitting. AJ took the opportunity to spend time with his son. They went off badger hunting in the woods or making courses for R's new bike in the garage when it was too wet or cold out. I got to see my lot and spend a little time with my daughter, although she was working hard this Christmas trying to pay the bills. Hopefully she'll get up to visit soon when she has some time off.

So, all in all, not a bad trip. I had been dreading it as my CFS symptoms have been pretty severe since the move at the beginning of December. I've been fairly depressed, bad tempered and not great to be around. I didn't want to be a party pooper but, as it happened, my fears were unfounded. I did crash a couple of days after getting there but that was OK. They just let me get on with it.

I fully expect to crash again in a day or two. Yesterday was quite frantic. There was a car packing drama as, of course, we had the new bike and the bike rack we bought didn't fit the kiddie's size. Little R gets anxious around transitions and was providing an ever rising descant line to the base rumblings of AJ and his Dad trying to work out the rack fittings. At a key moment I accidentally caught R in the face with his coat zip but didn't realise. Blimey. So, we were an hour late getting off and rather frazzled.

We all settled down very quickly though. I drove for the first half of the journey. The roads were clear and the sun was out. We sang along to a tape I used to play when my daughter was young. Old and new memories mixed pleasantly and poignantly.

It is so good to be home. 2010 is such a nice round number don't you think? Happy new year everyone.
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