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High Sed Rate, High TSH Joint inflammation & pain

Posted by rockchick

Hi, I have been on Synthroid for many years and am 43. Over the past few months i have developed shoulder pain, finger joint pain and swelling with nodules. I have been increasingly fatigued, and feel flu like. Two family members who are nurses are convinced it is lyme disease. I got bloodwork and lyme came back negative. Sed rate was high, and TSH was about 12. The doctor had given me doxy in case it was lyme, and i initially felt better and joint swelling went down. The past few days i have severe fatigue.


The doctor had some bloodwork re-done and same results. I still think is lyme with a false negative. She advised me to keep taking Doxy.  I am really confused on what is going on? Can it still be Lyme?

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