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Here's Hoping!!!

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm 3 Comments
Hey People,

I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to lately. Things have been deteriorating the last few weeks and came to a head last week. I was feeling very ill... I definitely think it was a virus flare up. I'm beginning to see patterns in when I go down hill. Last week I had such debilitating flu like nausea or as I call it "poison feeling". When I'm that ill I can't really do anything. This was accompanied by bad brain fog and lots of other symptoms.

It really annoys me when I can't get things done that I want to do, like blogging. The weeks just seem to fly by and I never seem to get anything done. The energy I do have is used up showering, drying hair, breakfast and normal little things like that. Even though I know this is how things are for now, I just get annoyed when I haven't achieved something in the week. Just achieving small things can make a difference, like writing a couple of posts. My concentration had been crap also, so I haven't been doing any reading and I can't concentrate properly when I'm watching TV. I'm not big into TV anyway, so I usually just watch a bit at night. I've just started watching Greys Anatomy, which I love so this has helped. Mmmmmm Mac Dreamy...... (if you have never seen it, you won't get that).

My problems with my joints are getting worse. I think I'm getting some kind of arthritis or something... I'm not happy about this at all. I had a massage last week, which was lovely :  ) I haven't had one in about 10 months after I had some kind of mini seizure after one. That didn't happen this time, but I was very ill the following day, but I look on this as a good thing as it usually means something is working. I've been going to the same masseuse for years, she is great!! She noticed that my spine has a curve in it, something she never noticed before and I certainly never noticed it. She suggested I get it checked out. I found this interesting and wonder is it in any way related to my other joint pain and I do get a lot of pain in my spine. Anyway, I have booked in to see a local Osteopath on Wednesday to see what he has to say about this curve. I can't really feel it myself. It would be good to hear what he says about my joint problems also. My right elbow is really hurting me and I find it hard to write sometimes. I REALLY hope this doesn't get any worse.

I have my appointment with the Dermatologist on Thursday. I'm very interested to see what she thinks of this rash. I rang my old doc who sent me into casualty that time 3 years ago with the rash. Her notes said that the biopsy at the time showed features of Folliculitus, but they seemed very unsure to me at the time. Anyway, I have been doing my own research and there is many types of folliculitus. As you know I think I may have (in fact I'm pretty sure) Lyme disease. Well, when I researched info and photos similar to my rash which is really itchy I found Pityrosporum folliculitis.I then found a Lyme forum and a girl was saying how she was told her Bartonella rash is called PF (the above name)."Yeasts, specifically Malassezia furfur, are the pathogenic agents in PF. Doctors treating Lyme Disease first reported that their patients were co-infected with Bartonella. Multiple reports of this finding seem to indicate that Bartonella is not only a tick borne but a tick-transmitted pathogen".So I'm feeling quite excited about this. The pieces of the puzzle appear to be coming together OR I could be wrong : (  But here's hoping!!! I have lots of this info to bring to the dermatologist. Hopefully she will work with me on this one...

Here's a look at my rash. It has been a lot worse than this. It's NOT acne, as it's very very itchy... Notice there is two different types of rash.

That's all for now folks!

Hope you're all well.

Treya  :  )

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Oh sorry one more thing, the lack of concentration is from thyroid, just read syptoms it matches perfectly, so get a blood test so you can take care of it asap.
Also, my folliculitis was misdiagnosed as molluscum! I was even using and bought expensive cream for it, then another doctor ordered a biopsy and it was folliculitis.


Your syptoms sound like thyroid..(shortness of breath, pain in joints, itchiness)

Your rash looks like folliculitis. I have both. Am getting more tests for thyroid and applying antibiotics to rash.

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