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Hello and Happy 2012!

Posted Jan 23 2012 8:53pm
I've been away from here for quite a bit. I suddenly stopped having the urge to post, and even more generally read about CFS-related things. I think doing those things pulls me out of the present, the day-to-day, and forces me to put things into context of the big picture, which I really hate to do. It just makes me sad about life and I really hate to be sad. But, I figure I'll give another go of it. This time a little less obnoxiously go-gettery and optimistic ;)

Anyway, I hope everyone's doing as well as possible, and at the very least well in spirit! Updates on my part? Not much has changed; still plugging along. One year later and still no weights for me (laughing at myself and my naive thinking of doing weights a year ago, as mentioned in my last post: ha ha ha!) BUT, I do now work 5 hours a day, instead of 4 (though the boss-man very much wishes for more and more and more). And after so many many false starts and failed attempts at a consistent "yoga" regime (aka stretching for me!) over the last 4 years, I've been able to keep up doing 30 minutes of light stretching twice a week for 3 months now (with an occasional week off here and there, depending on how difficult the week has been).  I've also started to try to do grocery shopping for myself, instead of having my parents bring me food for the week on the weekends. I try for every other weekend, but there have been some time with multiple weeks in a row! My grocery shopping takes all of 15 minutes, and I couldn't do more, but it's a step forward. Cleaning my apartment and doing my own laundry are still not for me; my ever so wonderful parents do that for me as well. But it's a goal!

Anyway, maybe I'll post in the future about some of the things I've learned and incorporated into my way of life to make things easier for me; maybe they can help someone else and maybe someone can offer me some tips about the things I do ;) Signing off until next time and sending out lots of CFS-y love to anyone reading this :)

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