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Heavy Metal Challenge Test 1.5.10

Posted Jan 18 2010 12:00am
Metals out of range for the first time (good sign--I'm chalking it up to KPU). Lead, Cadmium, and some mysterious radioactive agent that was probably from a nuclear MRI I did last year.

Didn't see doc today; just got IVs. Will see what he has to say on Thursday, but I suspect he will start adding some DMPS to the EDTA I've already been doing. Met another CFS patient in the office who was returned to work after only 6 weeks of treatment with doc. She relapsed due to some very stressful personal events, but is still able to work full-time. There is a huge variance in the time it takes doc to get patients back to their normal lives, but time seems to be a bigger variable than success.

Symptom update: Friday--Hung out with a friend in Yellow Springs for 5 hours--drove an hour each way. Saturday--Moved to another apartment and picked up my mom from airport. Insane two days which led to expected crash, but slept it off and no further signs of crash today. Body holding up nicely. Still feels like heart is constantly overworking but calmer than before tx. CNS seems calmer, slightly more resistant to stress.

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