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Posted Jan 25 2012 3:16am
Quick note: I was introduced to this website called " Patients Like Me " which I'm finding pretty cool. Things you can do on there
  • Sign up and fill in your information about your illness, what treatments you're doing (how much, for how long, evaluate them, etc), your symptoms, etc
  • You can search for other people (1000+ with CFS on there) who are more similar to you in their experience (similar age, length of illness, location even). 
  • You can fill out occasional "progress reports" on your pain/fatigue and also a short quality of life questionnaire.
  • You can track your progress based on the questionnaires (charts and graphs and things, yay!) over the last week, month, year
  • Look up top treatments posted by people with CFS (and other conditions as applicable) and see their evaluations of them
  • Print out a log of all your symptoms, filled out questionnaires, etc to take to your doctor's visits.
The website is a little cluttered and can be a bit overwhelming, but they take you through what you need to do step by step mostly. And by the way, I am in no way affiliated with this site (even though I realize I sound like a walking advertisement!) I just thought it was nifty. You can look me up  (if you're a member), I'm all signed up myself. If I find anything of interest on there, I will post, but for now I just spent the last couple days filling everything out :) 

I'm also getting a cold, ugh. Hate being sick on top of being sick! I don't even understand how that works in the first place...

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