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Have CFS with new onset of sorethroat ,muscle and joint pain.Is this likely to persist.

Posted by Hopeful

CFS for a couple years ,have just returned to work and the above are new syptoms(x1 wk).I want to know if the trend is do these typically stay with you or do they frequently go into remission.My fatigue ,impaired concentration,brain fog have been persistent for 2 years. I know everyones symptoms vary but would be helpful to know what others have experienced re: symptoms of pain and sore throat on a regular basis or intermittent.
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Thank you for the info,it was helpful. If you don't mind can I ask if you are you still able to work?

Best regards



a long time ago, i asked if someone could explain neuropathy to me and ular neurophty and can it get better on its  own, or does it get worse cos the pain getting worse, how do i get answer back,

              kind regards

Understand your frustration about lack of responses,this was my first experince using the internet in this way to communicate,and for the 1st wk no one responded,no one excepted as friends and then I posted something like you did as to why is no one responding and then I was blessed with a couple kind people who reached out to me.I can get you info on neuropathy,why do you have neuropathy? are you a diabetic,that what I see most frequntly in healthcare,?"ular" is that by chance ulnar(wrist area).Let me know and I will get back to you, may be a couple days,we usually have Sunday guests after church.Don't give up!!!
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