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Has anyone tried stretching movements along with the treatment of CFS ?

Posted by princess12

Hi, I want to discuss the role of simple stretching exercises undertaken along with the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The seemingly monotonous looking series of stretching movements of the body parts supplemented by some deliberate breathing exercises has a considerable effect on the overall health of a patient of CFS that the recovery process gets a boost. No, I am not in favor of shunning the medicine altogether but recommend actively adding on a few stretching drills and moderate breathing practices. The main visible benefit of this combined approach lies in the detoxification process resulting in an identifiable glow on the face of the patient. Another key role that these drills and breathing skills have to play is to improve the metabolic rate thereby increasing the vital life force in a person. It helps in the revival of  immunity, the benchmark of the level of good health any human enjoys. However, I commend learning the aforesaid skills and drills from a competent trainer only and then see the miraculous results for yourself. It is your health that holds the key to the well being of your relationships as well. Get information about other simple yet stamina building exercises at Exercise bikes
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