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Happy Friday!

Posted Mar 05 2010 1:23pm
Ah, it's the weekend! Although that may not mean much to someone who spends most of her time in her home anyway, I still look forward to it. The weekend means that I don't have to get up early (6 am today!!), I don't have to worry about trying to work when I don't feel up to it, and I get to see more of Ken and the kids. Ken returns from his trip tonight. Thank goodness I only had to handle the early morning routine once this time!

I'm still not feeling great but not horrible either - back to that in-between place that I've spent so much time in these past six months.

I experienced a happy coincidence this afternoon! I haven't been able to go shopping (other than necessities like groceries...and you know where that led me) in a long time, but Jamie desperately needed jeans today. Poor kid has been running around in too-small jeans with rips in them for months (just so you don't think I'm a horrible mother, he has to wear dress pants to school). Anyway, there's a Blackout Dance at school tonight, with black lights, to raise money for Haiti, so I promised to take him to Kohl's after school to buy new jeans.

While I was sitting in the chair outside the men's dressing room, waiting for him to try on ten pairs of jeans, I glimpsed an adorable little half-sleeve cardigan - black with cheery white polka dots - hanging on a nearby rack amidst all the men's clothes. I took off my tired old fleece pull-over, slipped it on, checked it in the mirror, and I loved it! It was just my size and on clearance, reduced to only $10! As you can tell, this just made my day. I don't have a lot of money for shopping anyway, but I do really miss browsing the sales racks and looking for something new.

So, now I'm ready for the weekend! We have no plans, nothing to do, no where to go, and the weather is supposed to finally turn nice here with temperatures in the 50's. Enjoy the weekend!
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