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Posted Jun 24 2008 5:06pm


When my GP first recommended Haiku, his main intention was to appreciate good things in my life. Some days, just look at blue sky makes my day. It is up to your attitude to think this is precious, or this is pathetic. I choose and feel that it is precious.

There are rules about Haiku, and I first tried to stick to the 5-7-5 rule. Then, I discovered some people don’t care about the 5-7-5 rule or even seasonal word. I find the later suites me better as it allowed me to cease the moment of inspiration. It is like taking photo of beauty of nature but with words. The most important thing is what I feel inside.

In ancient time, Japanese man recite Tanka (Haiku is a shorter version of Tanka poem) to a woman as a love letter and the recipient of the poem recite back the answer in poem. Romantic, isn’t it? Well, my high school teacher then informed us that the concept of beauty in ancient time is different from what we value today. So in our eyes, it is really an ugly man reading poem to an ugly woman telling how beautiful she is. People didn’t have habit of having bath or washing hair. Women wore the same 12 layers of garment every day and night. So if you imagine the smell attached to this supposed to be romantic scene, there is not really romance in our concept… Well, the most important thing was what they felt in their hearts.

I try to have at least one new Haiku just in case my GP asks. It is not really a good reason to create Haiku, but sometimes process is more important than result. I used to write it down on a piece of paper and showed it to him, as I was too shy to read it. After a while, I became used to share a little bit of my Haiku moment with him. These days, I can tell him my latest Haiku without much of hesitation.

Sitting in the sun is the perfect moment for me to be inspired for another Haiku. (At least while sun is not harsh.) It is also good moment for gratitude and to appreciate what I have.

Due to bad weather and bad flare up, I haven’t been sitting in the sun for a while. Although I had to modify the ritual not limiting to “morning sun”, I enjoy it whenever my body is comfortable enough to do it. So it can be morning, late afternoon, or whenever the effort has the least impact on my energy and strength.

My previous post was bitter because I was really fed up with life with severe ME/CFS. But I can assure you that the minute I post the rant, I am usually ready to be back to positiveness. I’m usually positive. But let’s face it. It is not easy to be positive all the time with the life of limitation and isolation. To me, it is also important to allow myself to be bitter and whinge occasionally. It is natural. And it is important to acknowledge the emotion and let it out. I feel it is rather healthy reaction as long as I don’t drift in the bitterness for too long.

One of my online friends has Haiku poet spirit in her heart. She sometimes tells me a little beauty and miracle moment she had, such as watching neighbours playing with their dogs at the river side, or witnessed the first flight of baby house sparrow.

It really warms my heart because I know how she appreciated the special moment, and the vision of the moment also lifts my spirit. Then, it makes me wanting to go out and sit in the sun. When I do it, I can see, I can hear and I can feel my own Haiku moment.

My other friends give me the inspiration by posting their photos online. When I look at their photos, I can feel their Haiku moment.

Then there are artists, who express their feelings in the form of drawings and paintings.

When I am feeling bitter, miserable, self-pity, lonely, and all other negative things, just a little Haiku moment helps me snap out from it.

Then I can smile again, I can keep hanging in there, and I recognise things that make me lucky.



Look up into the blue sky

Then look at trees dancing in slow motion.



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