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Gloomy Weather

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:02pm
I went swimming! Not proper up and down swimming but mucking about in a leisure pool. I wanted to go on the big slide but got scared at the last minute and changed my mind. I enjoyed it, it felt good to be in the water again. Felt a bit slow afterwards and rather pooped the next day with lots of aches and pains but not too bad.

The weather's rather gloomy today, with that and my caffeine withdrawal process - I'm a bit flat. Depression is licking around the edges like it does sometimes. I'm rather overwhelmed by the thought of more moving and more change - although all for the good. A sign of this is my scattyness. I just went to the post office to tax my car. I was all in a lather about affording it and fretted this morning as I tried to find my MOT certificate fearing that would be expired (not thankfully). Anyway, I'd completely forgotten that, as I'm in receipt of Disability Living Allowance, I don't have to pay for my car tax. Free gratis and for nothing, for a year. How did I forget that? Years and years of habit of taxing my car probably - a seasonal ritual.

So, another trip later in the week to the locality of my possible new home. Another new home. I feel a bit like a pin ball whanging around from point to point. Or one of those wheels - round she goes, and where she stops nobody knows.

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