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Gardasil Vaccine Linked To Multiple Sclerosis

Posted Dec 16 2009 8:54am
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* More UK Gov Drug Dealer Panic -
GSK Swine Flu Vaccine Disaster Intensifies
http://tinyurl. com/ya2ss2b
Children receiving the swine flu vaccination will
now be given only half the original dosage in a single
shot after fears it could cause a high fever. The
Government had previously recommended two separate
0.25ml doses of the Pandemrix vaccine, given three
weeks apart. Meanwhile, the medicines watchdog, the
Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
(MHRA), reported four people had died after receiving
the Pandemrix vaccine. One baby died in the womb
three weeks after its mother was given the jab and
five women miscarried. One person developed the
paralysis condition Guillain-Barre Syndrome which
was linked to a swine flu jab given in America in
the Seventies.

Reporter, Mail On Sunday
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* Gardasil Vaccine Linked To Multiple Sclerosis
http://tinyurl. com/y9n5dm9
The cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil has triggered
multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms in some girls after
being inoculated. St Vincent's Hospital neurologist
Dr Ian Sutton reported five cases in a journal article
in January. Another five have since emerged.

Sharon Labi, Courier Mail
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