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Finding Joy in Every Day

Posted May 04 2011 3:56pm
I had intended to write about joy today, but I'm feeling kinda down (post-vacation blues, I suppose)...then I realized that writing about joy is just what I need to pull myself out of this funk!

I've written about joy on this blog before and have even devoted whole posts to particular joys in my life (the Outdoors , Friendship ....hmmm...I thought I got to more than that...).  Anyway, when we got home Sunday evening, I felt compelled to start my Joy Journal up again.  I used to write in it daily, recording any small things that had given me joy that day.  It's a really fabulous practice, a wonderful way to remind yourself of all of the good things in your life, even when it seems so limited.  For instance, even though I'm feeling a bit down today, I could still write these things in my Joy Journal
  • That first sip of Lemon Zinger tea in the afternoon (I do love my Zingers)
  • My youngest son kissing me good-bye when the bus came this morning.  He does this every morning, then waves to me from the bus, but it still makes me smile every day.
  • The way a few minutes of yoga makes me feel, even when I feel achy and run-down.
  • Walking around Borders today.  I was shopping for my mom and step-mom, but I just love being IN a bookstore, surrounding by all those wonderful reading possibilities!
  • Watching Parenthood, one of my favorite TV shows, during lunch (even though I cried three times during this episode, I love it!)
There, see?  I thought I was having a bad day, but now I'm smiling.   It really does work wonders for the soul.

And yesterday I saw someone on the Today Show, Neil Pasricha, who further inspired me to find joy in the little things.  He's the author of a book called, The Book of Awesome (and now The Book of (Even More) Awesome which is why he was on the Today Show).   His books follow the same concept, that there are million of little reasons to be happy every day, and you just need to notice them.  Check out his website, 1000 Awesome Things , where every day he posts another little awesome thing to find joy in.  I think I will make it my first stop each morning on the web!

What brings you joy?
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