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Finally I'm back!

Posted Nov 17 2012 12:00am
Hey People!!!!

I've finally got my sh*t together. Yes, I'm hoping to be back regularly now. That was way too long of a break away from my blog. But, I've got a good excuse: I've been busy doing a bit of living; sprinkled, of course, with illness on top. But the taste of life on my tongue is so much sharper than previously, and I've been devouring as much as I can. Hope is no longer a word I say trying to be positive, or come across positive; I truly have hope now. And all of this is because I am making significant progress in my recovery. My illness is more of an intruder in my life now, rather than a dictator.

What does significant mean with me? Well, I tend not to measure (or at least I try) my recovery by referring back to the 'old' me, or compare myself to a 'normal' healthy person. If I was to do that, then I would still be considered quite unwell. Instead, I take a look at how I was last year, and where I'm at now. Last year, I was having trouble walking more than ten minutes, due to energy problems, and I also had nerve problems in my leg which affected my gait quite badly. I had to get a wheelchair in the airport, and I had to be driven the five minute walk to the beach on holidays. Now, I walk the dog every morning for half an hour, at a good pace! I have no nerve, or gait problems when walking! I generally have more energy all around.

Another thing which has made a big difference to my quality of life, is that I am no longer herxing so badly whilst on treatment. As I am on, and have been on treatment so often, this meant that I was unwell during most treatments. This really stopped me from getting anything done in my life, leaving me with no consistency. Now, I can pretty much go about my usual routine when I'm on treatment. This is the best gift I could have hoped for, as consistency is the biggest issue that prevents me from achieving anything.

So what is all this treatment that I've been on? I feel the big changes started to slowly occur when I started IV Ceftriaxone. It was slow enough, but I could see a big difference in my herxing, even between the first round and the second. Those courses were generally mixed with Azithromycine, and they would last three weeks.

Now, even though we were seeing some progress with the above, I was still showing bad signs of infection, so we changed the duration of treatment to five weeks, with days in between for breaks, and taking medication to kill off yeast. I also had to do some other oral antibiotics in the mix as well, like Flagyl and Ciprofloxacine. That particular combination was a killer of a treatment, and I had some of the worst herxing I've ever had on that; me no likey... That was back in June I think, and after this is when I really noticed a difference in my energy. I think it is a cyst buster, so it attacks the cluster (groups/balls) that form into a cyst to dodge a lot of the other antibiotics.

We have also made some changes with my hormones. I am no longer on estradot patches (and I've lost some weight :-)). I had very low progesterone, so I've started that. I also had low Vitam D, so I've started that. And we are intermittently always trying to keep yeast infections at bay with some treatment there. I still crash if I do too much. For example, we recently moved house, and I had a major crash for a few weeks after that. But I seem to be nearly back to where I was before that.

So, what problems do I still have? I still have energy problems, but they are a bit better. I still have trigeminal nerve issues, but it isn't as constant. I still have swollen, painful glands around my ears and neck. I still get intermittent joint, and nerve pain. I have yeast issues in mouth, etc at times.  I still get chest pain, and pleurisy at certain times. Sore throat. Sleep problems. You get the picture.

Obviously, I still have a way to go. But I no longer feel like I am merely existing. I feel like I am living!

That's all for now people.

I hope you're all ok...

Treya :-)
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