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Feeling Cluttered

Posted Apr 25 2011 4:02pm
I live in a two bedroom, one floor apartment, so it's hard to keep it clutter free. We previously lived in a three bedroom house and so we've accumulated a lot of stuff. Mostly because both my husband and I are both pack rats. Okay, I'm slightly more of a pack rat than him. I tend to keep things for sentimental reasons, like the flip flop salt and pepper shakers that he bought me in FL when we first started dating. We do not have a garage, basement or attic, but we do have a storage unit. Our storage unit is so jam-packed, it's ridiculous. We have a lot of furniture in there that won't fit in our current living space--leather chairs, hutch, desk, a few dining room chairs and other random things such as bikes, kayaks, shovels, etc. Also, we have boxes and boxes of my teaching supplies. I can't seem to part with these even though I don't know when I'll be teaching again (notice I used when and not IF). 

I am now realizing that living in a smaller space, we really need to get our act together and seriously de-clutter our home. Our second bedroom, which is supposed to serve as an office/guest room, is what my husband lovingly calls, "the keeping room." Now that we're hoping one day soon we'll be able to transform that room into a nursery, we need to make part of our living room an office space. But before we can even think about that, I'd like to be able to see the bed and the desk in the guest room without piles and piles of clutter.

Since I'm home all day with the cluttered, chaotic mess, I've been starting to go crazy. As a result, I've caught the spring cleaning bug. I've been making lists room by room of things that need to be dealt with, closets that need to be organized, paintings that need to be hung, etc. The problem is the only thing I truly have energy for is making the list. And truthfully, that even made me tired. 

The first big job on my spring cleaning list was to pack away winter clothes, coats, boots and scarves and unpack all things springy and summery.  My husband always tells me I don't like to start something if I can't finish it, which is so true. If I know I don't have energy to tackle the whole task, I won't even start. Probably because in order for it to get clean and organized, I first need to make a big mess. And then if I don't finish, well now I'm living with a bigger mess. This weekend he willingly agreed to help get our closets switched and organized. Also, we finally unpacked one box that we somehow randomly forgot about that's been sitting in our dining room for over a year (No judgement!) In the process, I put together a bag of things to donate, and a garbage bag. And guess where the flip flop salt and pepper shakers went.... GARBAGE! 

On Sunday, I was able to cross two things off of my spring cleaning list. I have about ten more things on the list. (Of course, organizing the guest room is equivalent to about ten of the other jobs.) But it's a good feeling knowing we're getting somewhere. Now that I have my list, if I ever have a day where I have energy after taking care of Raven, cooking, and laundry, maybe I'll get started even if I can't finish.

I should also mention, that I apologized to my husband because I was very enthusiastic about my "let's get organized" mission. I know he works hard in the week and likes to rest on the weekends. I hate to bug him with my Honey Do list. But he said, "I don't mind. I like helping you out." Did I mention I married the most amazing man? In November, I wrote a post dedicated to him. If you haven't read it already, here is my  blog post about Steve .
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