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Feelin' Good!

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:26pm

Still very busy here - now we're getting ready to go on vacation, taking our annual road trip to visit family. This year we'll be going to both Oklahoma and South Dakota. Lots of long miles, but we love these trips. We really enjoy camping in National and state parks across the country, seeing the sights, and finding cool out-of-the-way local food (ever watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network? We love that show and are planning to check out a few of their recommendations).

Even with all the stress and rush of preparing for such a big trip, I've been feeling really great. On my scale of 1 to 5 that I track, I've had a full week of straight 1's and haven't had a single bad crash day in over a month. So, I'm really looking forward to this trip.

My almost-14 year old son, Jamie, has been struggling a bit lately with lower than normal stamina and more sleep problems. He's grown tremendously in the past year - our relatives hardly recognize him when we see them! So, the doctor and I think he may be growing faster than some of his medications can keep up with. We had a wonderful visit with his pediatrician last week. She is just amazing, taking the time to cover every single aspect of CFS while we're there. She made some recommendations to try to help improve his sleep, and we're hoping that will help improve his stamina as well. He's still doing fairly well, just resting a bit more, so he and Craig are also looking forward to our vacation. All those miles in the car are actually pretty relaxing for those of us with CFS and keep us off our feet part of the day! We have a huge stack of audio books to bring along.

Hope you're all enjoying the summer and feeling good, too!

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