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Feelin' Fatigued, Lookin' Fabulous

Posted May 14 2011 12:04pm
I think I may have mentioned in another blog post that my husband, who loves researching, found an article about how chemicals in makeup can make people sick. I always try to keep everything as natural as possible. I don't use perfume. I avoid all harsh chemicals in cleaning supplies. I only eat grass fed beef and free range chicken. I try to only eat organic or local vegetables. However, I never thought about what was in the makeup I applied on a daily basis. The easiest thing would probably be to just stop wearing makeup. But I'm such a girly girl. I can't help it! Plus, when I'm not feeling well, applying a little blush or lipgloss perks up my face, which in turn makes me feel better.  I love having fun with makeup and playing with different colors. I was also the makeup manager when I was in the drama club in high school. I know, I'm a geeky girly girl.

So as my Laura Mercier foundation was running low, I decided it was the perfect time to try and find a better, healthier alternative. For me, foundation is always a necessity. My skin has an uneven tone and a few breakouts, so I feel better when I wear makeup. I found a great website called  Skin Deep Cosmetics Database  where you can research different makeup brands. They rate each product on a scale of 1-10, and break down why it got that score. Turns out my foundation I've been using for years had a score of 9! (0 being the least toxic, 10 being the most!) I was horrified! But not all of Laura Mercier's products received bad ratings. I love their kohl eye pencil and that scored a 2! I immediately decided to do a little spring cleaning with my makeup. I tossed the toxic stuff and looked for better alternatives. While on the site, I also researched my skin care products. I was relieved that my products from PCA Skin all rated between a 0 and 2. Phew! At least I don't have to toss them! 

After much research, I decided to give Jane Iredale's makeup a try. Her makeup is known as the skin care makeup and is the #1 choice of skin care professionals.  Here is what Dermstore  had to say about her makeup:

Jane Iredale mineral makeup is the makeup for the new millennium. Formulated with pure micronized minerals and pigments, these all-natural cosmetics have the ability to cover almost any skin problem. Unlike so many makeup collections, the Jane Iredale line contains no oil to clog or enlarge pores and no talc, which can dry the skin. Each product is free of perfume, alcohol, chemical additives and artificial dyes, yet they all offer coverage that traditional makeup can only envy. 

Perfect for those with rosacea, acne and other sensitive skin conditions, Jane Iredale makeup evens the skin's tone while actually nourishing, soothing and protecting with natural ingredients. Jane Iredale ... as nature intended. 

As one of the original mineral makeup lines, Jane Iredale sets themselves apart from the competition by offering a wide variety of cosmetics for the face, cheeks, eyes and lips in every color imaginable. You'll not only be able to create any look you desire, but that look will last all day long -- without harming your skin. 
Jane Iredale Amazing Base, PurePressed Base, Powder-Me SPF, Dream Tint and Lip Drink are now recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, which means you can trust these popular products to provide SPF 15 and higher water-resistant sun protection without causing sun sensitivity or skin irritation."

Okay, here's the scoop on my new favorite products that all had a great score of 2!

 I love her Dream Tint.  It's an oil free tinted moisturizer that also has an SPF 15. It hydrates, prevents water loss, calms inflammation, and improves the skins elasticity. It's good for people like me, who don't like a heavy feeling of makeup. You can wear it alone but it's great to use as a primer before adding some powder. Plus, it's an Allure reader's choice award winner and it's recommended by the Skin Care Foundation!

After applying my dream tint, I love the Pure Pressed Base Mineral Foundation with an SPF 20. This powder looks sheer and semi matte, and feels weightless. It's a powder, foundation, sunscreen and concealer all in one! It's water resistant and highly pigmented. It's oil, talc, paraben  and colorant free and is also recommended by the Skin Care Foundation. I like that I get coverage from this powder but I don't feel like I'm wearing any makeup. 

For those of us who need help looking more awake, concealer is necessary. I love Jane Iredale's Circle/Delete Concealer. It's an eye treatment as well as a concealer because it contains conditioners such as jojoba esters and avocado oil, both which are high in vitamins A, C, D, and E. It even has green tea in it! It's very creamy and easily glides on your skin. I also like that it comes with two shades so you can get a better match for your skin. I start by applying the darker shade and then blend in some of the lighter one. It also won Allure's Editor Choice Award. 

My last favorite new product is her Moonglow Golden Bronzer.  It's a set of four different golden bronze shades that are perfect for your eyes, cheeks, and lips! It's made with 24-karat gold flakes. This bronzer is perfect for those who were blessed with fair skin like moi! It has the perfect amount of shimmer. You can wear it in the day or brush it on your shoulders and décolleté at night! This product also won the Allure Editors' Choice Award in 2007

I am very happy with my new, natural, healthy makeup. I highly recommend that you give Jane Iredale's makeup a try. The only thing that is annoying with Jane Iredale makeup is you can't just go to your local Macy's or Nordstrom to buy it. You can search on her  website  and find a place that carries her products.  If you are feeling more brave, you can order online through  Dermstore . Dermstore is a great online makeup and skincare site that always ships your products for free and gladly accepts returns. Also, it's a great place to read reviews. All of the products that I wrote about received high reviews and that's why they are shopper's choice products.  If you find a product you like on their site, set it up in your favorite and you automatically get an extra 10% off!

PS- Still curious about minerals? Read what Jane has to say about  minerals.

PPS- All Jane Iredale make is paraben free and never, ever tested on animals.

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