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Excessive sleepiness in 9 year old

Posted by lgantt

My 9 year old daughter is experiencing excessive sleepiness.

She has had several sleep studies done and has also had her tonsils & adnenoids removed.  We have an appointment with a neurologist (2 weeks away)., but in the mean time, school is about to begin and I hate to think that the teacher and school nurse will call me if she displays signs of excessive sleepiness.  She has also picked up weight (30 lbs) and at times seems a bit disoriented when preforming tasks.  Her thyroid and anemic tests both came back negative.

Any ideas?

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It's not clear to me what are the results of your daughter's sleep studies but I would start there first since you need to be sure that she doesn't have some sleep disorder such as as sleep apnea that's preventing her from getting a good night's rest and therefore is leading to excessive sleepiness and daytime somnolence.  


You mentioned recent surgery to remove tonsils & adenoids.  I'd want to be sure that she doesn't have some allergic concern or nasal/sinus condition making it difficult for her to breathe properly and easily.  Of course, this would then affect her sleep pattern, too. 


I'd also suggest repeating her thyroid studies.  There's a wide range of normality such that her thyroid is abnormal for her yet still within the normal reference range.  Imagine if you will that your daughter is a straight A student who comes home with her first C grade which is still passing but a dramatic drop.  I mention this because an inactive thyroid can lead to both fatigue and weight gain.  While anemia is associated with fatigue and loss of energy, weight gain is typically not an issue.


Some other obvious issues to address are tobacco, alcohol, illicit & licit drug use, plus change in (social) environment.  Good luck! 

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