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Energetic Medicine--My New BFF

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:26pm 1 Comment
*For my older readers, BFF means Best Friend Forever, not Bulimia FanFiction

I know I already talked about this earlier, but I've had more time to work with my doctor and let my giddiness simmer down. After all, CFIDS patients are always looking so hard for something that works that a quack could make 4 right guesses out of 8 and we'll name him or her Hippocrates reincarnated. Well, I've been seeing Dr. B for about 1 month now, 2x/week in preparation for my trip to Germany, and the honeymoon phase is still going strong.

If you're expecting to hear that I suddenly feel clear-headed and as light on my feet as Warren Sapp, you might wanna stop reading. But when you've been a sufferer of an illness that, if you write down your daily symptoms in a journal and average them out over a month, offers as much breathing room as my mother's homeschooling when I was growing up, you'll realize improvement is measured in inches rather than leaps and bounds. In my other post, I discussed how Dr. B was able to use muscle testing with vials containing the vibrational frequencies of pathogens to determine which pathogens I had and which were most pressing.

Once again, I don't care if you're a skeptic of all things "alternative" and not validated by clinical trials, but if you don't approach the rest of this post with an open mind, I implore you to click the x to the upper right.

For the first time (I haven't even been able to tell my parents with a straight face so far... oh well, I guess they'll know soon!), I'm going to describe her treatment with no sugar added. After she determines what my body isn't utilizing properly (i.e. protein, Vit C, sulfur) or what pathogen needs the most attention via immunity, she runs a mechanical tool that gently punches along my spinal segments. This combines the practice of Nambudripad's Allergy Elmination Technique (NAET) and the Jaffe-Mellor Technique. While she runs the tool along my spine, she'll read a correction script for the allergen or pathogen telling the body to deactivate the autoimmune response (in the case of an allergen or deficient nutrient), or to attack the pathogen on a physiological, emotional, and spiritual level.

Ok. I did it, and I may have lost half my readership for it. But too bad I know all your emails and will continue to spam you with my posts. Let's keep in mind that I am not a spiritual or religious person, and when I received my first official "treatment" from her, I almost felt compelled to sell my body to recoup the money I'd just Jaffe-Mellor'ed away. But who said you have to believe this on all conscious and subconscious levels in order for it to work? (Ok maybe Dr Nambudripad did.) I sure didn't though. But let's look at what she treated me for: HHV-6. Before my first treatment, Dr. B put a vial of HHV-6 in my right hand, and I couldn't hold my left pinkie and thumb together if my last single sperm were hanging in the balance. 3 days later, I walked in for the follow-up, she put that same vial in my right hand, and the grip was steely. The same thing happened with borrelia, bartonella, EBV, protein, sulfur, B-vitamins, and the list keeps going on. This isn't to say that these areas are no longer a problem, but rather it's evidence that my body is now targeting pathogens and using nutrients efficiently.

More evidence: for the first 2 years of my illness, I had dealt with terrible migraines. I tried Imitrex and other Rx drugs, feverfew (vessel-dilating herb), chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy. They did absolutely nothing for me. When I started Rich Van Kroyenburg's simplified protocol for CFIDS, my migraines were so bad I couldn't even read or hold a steady conversation. The protocol had ramped up sulfation activity., so I realized sulfur was the culprit all along. I couldn't detox sulfur groups. I had to stop the protocol, eliminate sulfur completely from my diet, and slowly start up again.

1 year later, my lyme-treating doctor told me to take a potent garlic extract. I figured, sure it's been a year, my body could probably deal with it now right? 3 days later, the pulsing vessels near my right temporal lobe returned in full force like a psycho ex-girlfriend.

That's where Dr. B came in. At first, she muscle-tested me for the sulfur and told me right away, "Your body doesn't want this." Then she treated me for sulfur the same way she treated me for everything else: cool-looking tool and out-there correction speech. She told me without a hint of doubt in her voice that I would no long have headaches the next time I took garlic. I may have nodded politely, but I secretly "whatever"ed like a valley girl. I guess you already know the ending of this story, but I'm telling you anyway: I can now take 3 700mg pills of freeze dried garlic (pretty damn potent) without a trace of migraines. This is nothing short of an amazing feat.

I had been using the Yasko protocol and taking a laundry list of supplements so long I apologized to trees every time I brought a new printout to the doc's. As you can see to the bottom right, the list is still pretty daunting. But it turns out a lot of the supplements I was taking wasn't even being absorbed by the body! I was wondering why the b12, folate, folinic, and other supplements that headline Rich's simplified protocol, stopped causing a reaction after a few month's time. I was taking 10,000mg b12 and have nothing to show for it besides a sugar high. I'm sure it wasn't a complete waste of money, but it certainly wasn't efficient. That is the catch-22 with being a headstrong CFIDS patient. We want to take all these supplements to repair obvious damage, but our bodies were never designed to metabolize this much stuff on its own. Energetic medicine improves the body's natural capabilities to give the human body its best chance at performing a superhuman task.

Of course, the caveat to all this is that not anyone can do it. Dr. B is truly a gifted healer. She makes the most aloof-sounding energetic techniques seem more plausible to me than any of the Western diagnostic tests that have given me information but not insight. Today, when she was looking for structural issues, she ran her hand over parts of my body (without actually touching you pervs) and gave the same pinkie-and-thumb pull after each segment. Strong grip, strong grip, strong grip... then as she ran over my right shoulder, my grip fell apart. Repeat, same result. "What's wrong with your right shoulder?" I noticed that I had forgotten to tell her about the obvious weakness and pain in my right shoulder vs. left (most likely from lyme). Need I say more? This demonstrates an important point: her correction speeches (when running the tool down my spine) work because she is actually energetically connected to her patient. If an untrained lay person did exactly what she did and said what she said, I guarantee the results would not be the same.

This is the 4th energetic med practitioner I've seen. No disrespect to the first 3, but it's easy to laundry-list pathogens when you have an Asyra machine that does all the work for you and easy to convince a patient you know what you're doing when you put a bottle in their hands and watch their arms lose all their strength. I won't deny that I've encountered my share of charlatans, so I recommend that any patient going this route use a ton of discretion. Despite these bad experiences, the Asyra practitioner did convince me that the discrepancy between vibrational frequencies in our bodies and external elements is arguably the most insightful diagnostic tool ever offered by either Western or Eastern medicine. But Dr. B is now showing me that when energetic med is in the right hands, it can actually become an effective therapeutic intervention too. I am starting to believe for the first time that there is an emotional and subconscious level of healing on top of physiological.

When I get back from Germany, there's a good chance that I'll have to go back on long-term antibiotics, because Western medicine is still the best at aggressive attack-based therapy, but I know now that I'll have to use energetic medicine to command these bumbling attack trolls if I want to have a real chance at a full recovery. Not a remission. A full-fledged recovery. Try it out for size will ya?
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'Whatever you believe is true', and you are starting to believe..... I would advise you to be careful which belief system you choose to incorporate into your life, some can very disempowering. I know because I have recently left the chakra, nadi ideology neatly constructed around 'love bombing'. It is very seductive, I lost a few years of my life in it thinking it was doing me good....

We were taught about the mind body connection and then advised that ill thinking causes illness in the body, have a treatment whenever you feel or think unwell etc etc. it's very convincing. I ended up with chronic headaches, others with Chronic fatigue, asthma attacks etc etc.... So called 'healings' should make you feel better not worse, invariably they make you feel good at first....

Rarely will any of these healers have any counselling qualifications, bare this in mind when you discuss your personal emotional issues and traumas. 

The Buddha would never indulge in any discussion on the metaphysical, he saw as a 'wilderness of opinions', and energy as 'karmic'. 

Your belief alone is enough to help you feel better, though it is difficult for any of us to truly believe this.

I am ot sure if you know these sites, for alternative opinions google 'what's the harm' and cult education. It's all about maintaining critical thinking, and personal freedom.

I wish you well with the choices you make, and hope you feel better soon :-)).

All the very best,






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