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Ear Infection

Posted Nov 06 2009 10:00pm

Clinic was busy, which doesn’t bother me at all. I was the second from the last. Dr TL came to my wheelchair, he greeted me with “Konnichiwa” with confidence and smiled. I smiled back and greeted back “Konnichiwa”

The minute we walked into his office, he remembered he was going to give me sample medicine. He went out and looked for it, and it was still out of stock. We are hoping that the medicine will work for me and will not give me the scary adverse reaction like other medicine did.

My balance was still very dodgy. He held my arm when I lost balance while stepping onto a scale. My weight was still hovering at my lowest.

He asked me if I heard from Bond Uni about the research. I explained they would contact me at the end of November. At the moment, I don’t know if they are interested in me. They just didn’t reject my interest in volunteering. He realised we still have a few more weeks. I’m trying not to think about it until they contact me. The purpose of the research is to find a biomedical diagnosis method for ME/CFS, which would save time and money for government and healthcare practices. I’m assuming they would test my blood with XMRV. They might also check my DNA profile to look for damaged or changed DNA due to ME/CFS.

Dr TL told me I looked well. I told him I was feeling better. He asked how my chest was. I said they feel better now and I feel I was coming out from the flare up. He looked happy to hear that.

I mentioned I have water in my ear and my voice sounds very strange. He jumped onto the subject. I didn’t mention it to ask for help, I just mention it just in case my communication was affected. He insisted it wasn’t a problem to check. Because my chronic condition is not easy to live with, he does his best to ease any other treatable condition I have time to time. It is nice to see someone actually cares about my wellbeing.

First, he tried to help with water. He tried universally known and very effective method to deal with the water in ear, which involves tissue paper. He asked if it made any difference. I tapped on my head and recognised the underwater like echo.

He explained it could be infection. He took out his little gadget and looked inside of my ear. He said he could see lots of things clearly. I hoped nothing embarrassing… I know he couldn’t look into my brain and see what I was thinking. He said my ear dram was clean, but ear canal was red. It is ear infection. He explained it develops after water gets out. He asked if I got ear infection as a child. I often got water in my ear because I swam. He nodded. But I was told I couldn’t have ear infection… He checked the other ear just in case, and gave me prescription for it.

While he was printing the prescription, I asked for Seretide for my lungs while he was on the screen. He mentioned that he hoped the new medicine would help me. I quickly mentioned I had the ceiling insulation done recently and its chemical smell might have caused the exacerbation on my lungs. He commented it was possible.

He was very enthusiastic listening to me. When I start saying something, he stops typing, turn his whole body towards me and smiles.

We briefly chat about ceiling insulation business and fraud. And he told me a shocking life lesson he just had. I hope he is over with it by now.

After my struggling PFM performances at home, it showed a little improvement in his office. We both got excited about it. He is still pondering on the reason why I often perform better in his office. He assumes the air is better. I guess there would be air filter with air-conditioning. Then, he came up with more convincing theory. I talk before PFM in his office, where I don’t talk at all at home. He suggested to read Haiku to my dog before I try PFM at home. I don’t think my dog would appreciate Haiku, but the point is to use lungs before I check its function. I would feel I’m a nut case if I talk by myself…

Then, he gave me B12 shot. While he went out to pick needle and syringe, he helped Dr AZ with something. I could tell he was in a very good mood today. Although, he always helps the junior doctor generously even when he is very busy.

As he stuck needle in my arm, he asked if I know about “Hello Kitty”. Questioning is his tactics for patient’s fear with needles. I heard it as “Harakiri”, Japanese ritual suicide or capital punishment. We had a bit of confused conversation. He assured me he knew what I was talking about by telling me “Seppuku”. It was another Japanese word he impressed me with. Then, we realised the misunderstanding and bust into laugh. I blamed my ear infection for the misunderstanding. He blamed his pronunciation to be polite.

He told me people are wearing masks with Hello Kitty in Japan. He mentioned something about individuality. And I felt it was strange as Japanese people don’t like individuality. They force people to be the same. He commented that the new generation is changing. They adopt different things and some speak English like me. But I feel the foundation of Japanese is so deep that it will not change. Younger people may speak English and adopt Western culture, but it is more like fashion to them. They don’t understand the culture behind. So, if you speak to them, you cannot really get anything out from them. While they are young, they might adopt Western culture, but when they get older, they will go back to old fashioned way with family and society responsibility. Just like their attitude towards women never changes. Their tradition and value don’t go well with individualism or freedom of spirit.

He said it to comfort me so that I don’t feel I’m all different and alone. He agreed with some points. But he hoped that time is changing for me.

At least, it was only my opinion that the depth of Japan will not change no matter how Western they look on the surface.

We shook hands to say Sayonara.

The timing of spotting ear infection was amazing. I got the medicine before I went home. Then, it got worse. I felt relieved that I had the medicine with me.

I’m guessing my immune system is struggling, although it doesn’t explain skin irritation. My head and face area is a play ground for infections at the moment. The areas where dentist made incision and injected anaesthetic are still playing up. :-( I have eye irritation, jaw ache, toothache, half blocked nose and sore throat… My other ear is also aching, but I’m assuming it is an old injury playing up.

At least, my spirit is in good place. So, I’m not feeling miserable at the moment. I’m still sleeping during the night, which feels nice.



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