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Posted May 27 2009 10:38pm
I hate to sound like a broken record, but I'm feeling horribly overwhelmed again. It seems that lately I just vacillate between being crashed and incapacitated and then feeling better but totally overwhelmed with all that's not getting done.

This time of year is always so busy, with all sorts of school functions, end of soccer season, plus trying to pull together last-minute plans for our vacation road trip (only 3 weeks left!). Of course, there's still my writing work (which is seriously stalled) and the house and yard which are both looking more and more like the set of The Munsters.

I tried to help my husband with the yard this weekend, but I can only manage about 15-20 minutes of weeding without causing a crash the next day. That doesn't make much of a dent in our large, jungle-like yard.

It's the same old CFS story. Just tackling the basic maintenance tasks each day - cooking, dishes, laundry, kids - takes up every bit of my limited energy. There's not much left for all the rest of what I need and want to do.

I don't mean to whine. Sometimes I feel like I've got this CFS life thing down and sometimes I feel like I'm drowning. This is just one of the drowning times. But I'm trying to take a positive approach to digging out (I guess I'm mixing my metaphors?). I sat down this morning and blew through the 80 e-mails that had piled up, then tackled a few short tasks. It's starting to feel like I'm making some slow progress.
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