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Dr. Weir talk - points covered

Posted Jun 10 2010 12:00am
Hey People,

I was at a presentation on May 29 in Dublin by Dr. William Weir  a UK specialist who has 25 years experience with ME/CFS. I have been meaning to write a post on some of the main points he covered for those who were unable to attend since then.

Sleep hygiene - He talked about doing some simple things that can help promote good sleep. Don't be on the computer or watch tv too late. I think he said after 8 or 9p.m. When we are looking into these bright lights the brain still thinks it is daylight outside and therefore doesn't switch to the normal night time mode chemically. For this reason all lights should be switched off early. 

He also said for some reason the sleep we have before 12 at night is more beneficial to us than after. So it's good to try and get in at least a couple of hours before 12.

He says for those who need it he prescribes Melatonin and in some cases low dose  Amitriptyline.  


Vitamin D - He always tests these levels and says treatment in those with low levels can see some real benefits.


Essential Fatty Acids - He talked about the work of Professor Basant Puri in this area and spoke positively about it. I have personally read Professor Puri's book and I also took the doses of VEG EPA that he suggested for two years. In fact I met with him once myself. His book is worth reading - review here.  

Meditation - He talked about the proven physical effects of regular meditation and suggested it. I have been meaning to do a post on meditation for a while. I will try and do it next week. I read a good article that give some good websites to look at. I have read that Dr. Weir   has been mediating for years himself. 


Reiki - He said he is very open to the holistic approach and spoke highly about Reik i.  He did say he doesn't have much faith in holistic medicine in relation to ME/CFS. 

PACING - He stressed the importance of pacing


He spoke at length about the two schools of thought - those who believe ME/CFS is a psychological illness and the others who believe that it is a physical illness - this is the side Dr. Weir falls on. He talked about dogma's and how the psychological school of thought are just a group of people that 'believe' something and that they are ignorant. 

He spoke about Parkinson's and Syphilis which were both thought to be psychological illnesses in the beginning just because science didn't have the answers for them.

Finally, he spoke about the past and how Descartes said mind and body were separate and how this has negatively impacted medicine. He then spoke about how this has changed and the modern world sees the mind and body as one and the medical world is starting to see things this way. 

So that is all I can remember people. I hope it has been in some way helpful.

I hope you're all well...

Treya : )

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