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Down But Not Out

Posted Jan 20 2011 8:57pm
Ah, not much energy for writing today - just a quick update.  After two straight weeks of good days (yes, two weeks!), I finally had a down day today.  Both of my kids have had mild cold symptoms this week and say everyone at school is sick, so I'm guessing this is a viral trigger that caused me to crash a bit today.  The beta blockers are still keeping my heart rate in normal range, but I had a sore throat and aches today.  Although OI is a big part of CFS, the immune dysfunction is still at its heart!

I am proud of myself, though, because I recognized the signs and gave up my plans.  Yes, it was a Plan B day.  I set aside the grocery list I'd made until tomorrow (I hope), went back up to bed, set the laptop aside, and picked up my book.  Then I set even the book aside, closed my eyes, and took a nap...then another in the afternoon!

Jamie and I had ourselves a little Lost marathon this afternoon, I got Five Guys burgers and fries for dinner (so bad but so good!!), and I'm heading to bed early.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be better, but even if it's not, Ken finally gets home tomorrow - hurray! - so I'll have some back-up if I need it.  I just hope the snow predicted isn't too bad.  I don't think I could handle more shoveling right now.
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