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Does anyone know of an effective non-antibiotic tx for mycoplasma in a 30 year old diagnosis of CFS

Posted by alternaeve

Have had CFS, known now as CFIDS, for 30 years now complicated by a severe anti-biotic resistant mycoplasma infection and fungal infection that has caused complete debilitation. Am seeking an alternative treatment for mycoplasma as I can no longer take anti-biotics which have proven ineffective for tx in a 3 week course due to gastric problems.
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Hello Alternative,I had CFS with Mycoplasma Pneumonia; a very powerful strain for 18 years, from 1994 to 2012. Tried everything under the sun to get rid of it, including various antibiotics. Its gone now never to return since 2.5 years. You can read about my story by searching the following words in Google:"Prohealth Here is what worked for me No more CFID Part-1"Here is an excerpt: Mycoplasma or Chlamydia Bacterial Infections are a major cause of our disease: Some of you may have received a flu shot or other injection that was contaminated. Such injections can be contaminated with a virulent strain of Mycoplasma Bacteria [such as Mycoplasma Pneumonia in my case] which frequently infects the laboratories that manufacture such anti-viral vaccines. It’s also possible that you have a bacterial Mycoplasma or Chlamydia infection just by a normal infection process such as breathing contaminated air. You can ask for a PCR test to confirm the Mycoplasma diagnosis at a high quality testing laboratory.
How to permanently cure Mycoplasma bacteria in 21 days: Purchase Klacid XL Antibiotic [Clarithromycin or Biaxin XL in USA]. I took 3 x 500 mg XL tablets total daily 8 hours apart for 3 days, and then dropped to 2 x 500 mg 12 hours apart for 18 days. It’s a high dose but if not taken at these high serum concentrations and for this period of time the bacteria are only weakened not eradicated. Safety: The main important point is that when taking antibiotics make sure to drink adequate fresh fruit or vegetable juices and water during the day to flush out the Kidneys. Do not exceed 21 days at this dosage. Try to get your doctor's support on this high dose antibiotic regime.. I learned from my extensive research that 100% eradication of all Mycoplasma type bacteria requires a 21 day program. That’s it, nothing else is needed, just remember that conventional concentrations in your blood plasma or tissues of the best antibiotics will not eradicate Mycoplasma forever; you need to do what I did and hit it with a twenty pound hammer!Abdulrahman 
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