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Does anyone know about any success with IV IG for CFS to relieve severe fatigue during allergy season? (see details)

Posted by Maggie Jane

I have been recovering from CFS for about 12 years. My health gradually improved year over year until I developed seasonal allergies abruptly 3 years ago. Now I have sinus infections constantly and am so fatigued I'm in bed much of the time April - August. My immunologist thinks that if I get IV IG it will clear up my EBV which will help me deal with seasonal allergies. Again - it's not sneezing/etc that I struggle with, it's fatigue. Allergy meds help with the sneezing, and other symptoms. The fatigue is nearly killing me. In the winter I'm able to maintain a job, exercise some, etc. Summer is hell. I tried immunology (sublingual, not shots) and got ezcema with the lowest dose. Help! I want my life back. And by the way - I have been gluten free for 4 months in hopes of it helping, which it hasn't. Thank you!
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