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Posted by Gamarra

It started May 2008. I began to feel sick, no energy, continuous heachaches, dizziness, felt that I was hit by a truck, sore throat, night swets, severe fatigue. I visited many doctors and nobody knows what I have. One of the doctors I saw gave me INDOMETHACIN 75MG and since then I feel better. When I tried to stop taking it all the symptoms returned. I really want to stop taking Indomethacin because of the severe side effects. Is there anyone who could give some kind of advice on what to do. Please if you do send me an email to


So far no doctor knows why Indomethacin makes me feel better

Thank you

Nicolas Gamara

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It is likey that catching a respiratory virus has precipitated your symptoms.

I had a a terrible experience from catching a repsiratory virus that then precipitated ME/CFS. (Details here: ) 


In terms of why indomethacin helps you: see this thread on how indomethacin reduces brain inflammation:

Your ME/CFS symptoms could be caused by brain inflammation precipitated  by a viral infection, and indomethacin may then be quelling this brain inflammation, thus eliminating your symptoms.


Dear Nicolas -


Your symptoms do sounds a lot like CFS; however, there is no medication that that resolves CFS symptoms the way that Indomethacin did with yours.  I looked up Indomethacin at Drug Digest because I hadn't heard of it before.  It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) - in the same class as ibuprofen or Motrin or Aleve (though stronger I'm guessing, since it's prescription).  I have never hear dof any NSAID resolving the symptoms of CFS, so I doubt you have CFS, even though your symptoms fit.


Here is a self-quiz: 

Did your doctor prescribe this medication without diagnosing what was causing your symptoms?  I suggest you go back to your doctor (or find a new one) and explain what you said here - that the medication is causing side effects and you'd rather not take it.  You deserve a diagnosis so that you can consider other treatment options.  Given that a NSAID reduces (or eliminates?) your symptoms, it makes sense that the cause of your symptoms is some sort of inflammatory illness.  Thorough blood testing should help to get to the bottom of this.  Here's some information on diagnosing CFS - at the bottom of the page, there's a long list of other conditions that cause similar symptoms.  even if you don't have CFS, you can use this list as a guideline for what else to test for:

(read this page, then click on Diagnostic Testing for the list of other medical conditions).


Good luck - I hope you find some answers and some relief soon -


Sue Jackson 



Have you ever mega dosed on Omega 3 ?????  I do that with my fatigue...I only know it works because when I stopped when I ran out....the fatigue returned...... 

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