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Posted Jan 26 2012 8:32am
"Amazing Grass"

Amazing Grass

After living with ME since December 1992, I have learned over and over that when I make any plans I must also plan for the payback that will undoubtedly come.  That may sound like I’m being negative because I’m planning for the crash that follows the fun but it really isn’t.  It is just a fact of life, unfortunately, when one lives with this unrelenting illness.

I had a wonderful time helping my sister get her new website ready and hanging out and having sister/girl time.  We actually were unable to remember the last time we hung out it’s been so long.

I had planned a day or two when I got back to rest up but the trip seems to have taken way more out of me then I realized.  My return flight turned into a 12 hour day so I knew I would definitely have PENE (post exertion neuroimmune exhaustion) as a result.

However, I have been playing with something since I recovered from my severe relapse last year and I am more convinced than ever that I have definitely hit on something here.  At least for me.

to whether I have pain or not … especially with the Fibromyalgia (FMS), as well as whether or not I have fatigue, and many other symtoms  like dizziness, balance issues, etc.

My sister eats a high carb diet which I no longer do.  But I decided that I would eat whatever was served and just supplement with my Amazing Grass shakes – which I did.

However, since I have gotten back my pain levels have been steadily rising which is very unusual for me because I have learned to control my pain levels very well.  So well in fact, that I have days I no longer have any pain.

But here I go and eat a high carb diet and my pain increases exponentially as well.  I have no doubt that carbs equal inflammation in my body which in turn then equal increase in pain.

In addition, my fatigue levels are really bad now as well and I have been dealing with a slight sore throat and a raspy voice.  All indications that I over did it.

But I also am coming to believe that these are also indications that I have massive inflammation occurring in my body as well.

I am absolutely convinced the reason the Amazing Grass worked so well for me, and continues to, is because it gives my body all the nutrients and micro-nutrients it needs to reduce the inflammation response in my body.

"Enzymatic Whole Body Cleanse Detox"


I had detoxed before I went out to Boston but I’m thinking I may need to repeat it just to get my body back to ground zero, if you will.

I am also going to be implementing Dr. Terry Wahl’s, “ Minding Your Mitochrondria ” diet, also called the “ Wahl’s Diet “.

I know for me that diet is absolutley crucial.  I can no longer eat a high carb diet, I need a small amount of raw dairy products and I need to eat a mostly, high, raw, green and vegetable and fruit diet with farm raised meat.

I have also found that I struggle with beef so I eat it occassionaly and only because beef has micro-nutrients that I need.

After reading Dr. Wahl’s book, I am more convinced then ever that with pacing and diet, it is possible to get to a place with this illness of ‘functionalability.”

I may never be 100% but I would be happy if I could function well at 80-90% on a more consistent basis.

And that, I believe it totally doable so I am moving towards that goal in the next few months.  I have started a “” on Facebook if you would like to try it out.  Basically we share what we are learning, doing, experiencing, recipes, etc so it is a pretty laid back group but it is growing as people are very interested in this way of eating to heal our bodies that Dr. Wahl has created.  (She healed her MS through diet).

As a side note, Bear had to have 22 teeth removed so I am not sure he will be a good choice for me because his dog food is going to be very expensive as it will have to be canned food.

But the rescue organization always has tons of pugs so I am sure patience will lead me to the right little guy in time.

Determined to continue forward,

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