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Did Lyme Ruin Our Country?

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:25pm
Most of us in the lyme community are already aware of the fact that President Bush had and was treated for acute lyme disease back in '06. For everyone else, now you know. There is evidence to believe this wasn't his first encephalitic infection. Maybe an earlier lyme infection or other bacteria or viral infection? Most Americans assume his elephantine machismo has always been matched by his elephantine brain, yet very few know he was actually quite bright and articulate 10 years ago (can't say his ideas have changed much though.)

For those of us that have suffered neuro-lyme or similar encephalitis, we patients that have are extremely in tune with post-illness changes in cognition and speech. Oftentimes, we save the best for when we're with our friends, so they may not notice just how much we struggle with memory, finding the right words, pausing in between sentences, speaking and thinking simultaneously, stuttering etc from day to day. But if I were placed in a stressful situation, let's say like an impromptu speech of debate, the differences between pre-illness me and post-illness me would become glaringly apparent. For that matter, what more stressful situation is there than the presidency? I imagine the likelihood of making a full recovery from lyme disease in the white house is close to zero, even if the case is acute and antibiotics are given promptly, as in the case of our nearest and dear-less Bush.

Here is a video juxtaposing Bush 10 years ago with Bush now.
Just listen aesthetically and not ideologically. There should be very little doubt that something has gone awry between then and now, besides the well-known liquidation of his soul of course. Some say he has dyslexia, but that would've started long before 10 years ago. Dr. Joseph Price was the first to say he has "presenile dementia", essentially an early-onset Alzheimer's with no known physical cause.

But after personally suffering from chronic lyme for the last 3 years, I have to say the changes in the sound (again, I'm not focusing on the content) of his speech seem to fit neuro-lyme or brain encephalitis. The CDC says Lyme is the fastest-spreading infectious disease besides AIDS in the U.S. There is much discussion by doctors that treat lyme about stealth lyme being responsible for Parkinson's. I haven't heard yet as much for Alzheimer's, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out 10 years later that it's caused by a smoldering untreated infection.

No one deserves the long-term changes caused by lyme and its co-infection brethren. Most of us CFIDS patients can't manage to work an 8-hour day or handle more than one class, but for almost a decade our ill president has been under a constant duress and unforgiving scrutiny that would make just about any chronic illness incurable. Whether or not I forgive him for ruining out country is an entirely different matter. After all, if he knew he were ill, he should never have run for reelection. (I remember downing a bottle of Merlot singlethroatedly the night he won.) But to the worst president in history, I'm ready to absolve you of blame for Bushisms like "They misunderestimated me." They were the infections talking.
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