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Dentist: The First Tooth Extraction

Posted Jun 12 2009 4:20pm

I don’t know if it was something to do with public holiday on Monday, my dentist was running behind the schedule on Tuesday.

Friendly assistant explained that he had many tooth extraction and each one of them turned out to be surgical procedure. It was one of these days, and he didn’t have chance to have his lunch.

He asked me what we had discussed/done the last time. He’s having trouble remembering every time. He admitted that he didn’t keep the note. I thought it is very different from GP practise.

He confirmed that I was there for the tooth extraction, and explained what he was going to do in detail. He also explained the possibility of surgical procedure.Then he read through the written consent form and explained each sentence in plain English. As soon as I signed the concent form, it started.

First, he applied numbing cream on gum and its border with lip. He warned me not to taste the cream as it is awful. Not that I was going to. Then, he injected local anaesthetic three areas in front, and one behind.

He asked me if I feel mumbness. I was not sure. Then he changed his question, if I feel fat or tingling. I said “fat”. He was happy and told me that means the area is numb.

He started pulling the tooth out. I was amazed it was that easy. I didn’t feel anything. He was repeating it, and explained that the tooth is shuttered in small pieces at the root. To make sure he gets all the pieces out, he decided to remove the lot surgically.

The dentist and the assistant was talking friendly to each other. And they mentioned the surgical supply is running out since they had so many surgical procedure on the day. It worried me more than the actual procedure. The assistant laughed and assured me that they have plenty supply for me. They were not sure about the next patient.

Half of my nose was also numb. I wasn’t sure if my nose was running. When I tried to wipe it, I worried I might pull my nose out like the dentist did to my tooth.

He made incision to my gum, and made sure all the shuttered pieces is out. Then stitched the incision. The assistant commented he had a day of oral surgeon. He responded that he wouldn’t like being the oral surgeon, and would be happier to be dentist.

The assistant cleaned my lips with wet tissue paper. I realised there were some blood.

Then, the dentist realised he forgot to take teeth impression, and asked me to come back on Friday. Two dentist visits a week would be too much for me as it is an effort to get to his office. But, I agreed to come back on Friday as it is just one off, and I’m sure I will survive.

He gave me instructions how to look after the area. I was advised not to do anything for the rest of the day except for resting. If I exercise, it would start bleeding again. I thought that shouldn’t be a problem for me. Rinse the area with salt water three times a day as sterilisation. Avoid using and touching the area. He also prescribed antibiotic and strong pain killer.

He also instructed me to come back if yellow pus started coming out. It means the area is infected and he has to open up and sterilise the area and close it off again. To make sure I would come back, he said this treatment will be free of charge, and I don’t need to make an appointment.

I asked if I would be in bad pain. Duh! He said “Oh, yeah…” Strong pain is normal after the tooth extraction. On top of that, surgical procedure was involved. I must have looked scared. He cheered me up by saying it wouldn’t be not as bad as surgical procedure involving bone.

I believed I had the strong pain killer at home. Since I was expecting bad pain, I purchased it anyway to be sure. The pharmacist advised me to take two tablets while the anaesthetic is still working just in case.

When I got home, I noticed there were still some blood on my lips. I took one pain killer as I know they are too strong for me. The local anaesthetic took longer to wear off. It was struggle to swallow the tablet while half of my mouth and throat was still numb.

I took only one tablet of strong pain killer. And I didn’t feel any pain at all, even after the pain killer stopped working… My pain receptor must be not working properly.

The following day, they gave me a curtsey phone call to see if everything was okay with me after the procedure.

~ * ~

It was strange that the root of the tooth was shuttered in pieces. I have been having strange dreams occasionally. My mouth was filled with pieces of shuttered teeth. No matter how often I spat them out, the shuttered teeth pieces kept filling my mouth. It is a stressful dream…

Somehow, I’m feeling confidently that I will not have the dream again.

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