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Dear Lyme: It Was Nice Knowin Ya

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:25pm
I had my last consultation with Dr. Woitzel on Monday along with the other Americans that still remained at the Klein House, and all in all it was a collective cause for celebration. All of us were tested to be lyme free with the Bicom! This was the same test that he conducted on us during our first visit before all the treatments, where it established our body’s base frequency and then determined our body's resonance to live vials of borrelia and various potencies of it in one fell swoop. Instead of watching the meter on the screen barely budge from 10-30 like it did the first go-around, it had a hop in its step this time and was anywhere from 50s to 60s. “Super,” Dr. W said. His English never sounded more eloquent and polished.

I did expect to be lyme-free because as I mentioned in an earlier post, I tested negative for it using Autonomic Response Testing, arguably the most advanced form of energetic testing. A few months ago, I probably would’ve said lab test or bust, treating the ART results like a preseason game—it doesn’t matter, but current lab tests don’t show whether you've lost lyme. Even their ability to show you've got lyme in the first place is highly debatable. My PCR was negative because they’re extremely hard to detect in the bloodstream. Once positive antibodies, likely always positive antibodies. I may test with Western Blot just to see if IGM has converted to IGG. I’m betting bottom dollar it has. I will definitely get the CD-57 test done. It was around 60 before (LLMDs like it around 200 before getting off ABx). As a matter of fact, the Bionic brochure claims that the CD-57 will go up after treatment. It also says the LTT, or lymphocyte transformation test, usually goes sky high right after treatment, showing immune stimulation, but this test isn’t offered in the U.S. The concern with energetic testing is that it only shows what is going on now, but at the least it is telling “the weakest potency of lyme isn’t a problem right now.” That’s good enough for me, esp. in light of those iffy blood tests.

I’ve debated for the last few days about whether to talk about the rest of my office visit, which was IMO some of the more jaw-dropping and enlightening minutes of my 3-yr tenure as a patient. In the end, I think a lot of open-minded folks have a lot to gain from my experience, so I’m risking my neck.

I walked into his office with a suitcase of nosodes. I don’t think he’s ever seen that many, and when he saw my kits, he immediately told him nurse to copy down the names (I could tell he really wanted them too). But the nosodes I really wanted to get tested were ampulles of epstein-barr, aspergillus fumigatus, monica albicans (aka candida albicans), and others I’d tested positive for repeatedly in blood tests and energetic tests, as well as a few other issues I thought I may have. Dr. W busted out his biotensor, another energetic diagnostic tool, put the box for tuberculosis in my hand, and the wire started nodding up and down. In energetic testing, every pathogen (and every organism for that matter) has a distinct vibrational frequency. The biotensor shows either positive or negative polarity of my body to the organism being tested.

He went down the list and tested all 20 boxes (for 20 viruses or bacteria) that I brought. He not only tested if I had it, but also severity on list of 1 to 10. Under 5 needs control, over 5 needs to be treated. My worst issues are HHV-6 and candida, with tuberculosis a close second. Just about all results correlated with blood tests and previous energetic tests. The tuberculosis is clearly an old infection now acting as a stealth infection in my case as I have no pulmonary symptoms. Scott--If you’re reading, thanks for getting me to test for it. The uptick in candida makes sense because it prevents the newly-released heavy metals (previously cohabitant with lyme), from causing utter chaos. He told me to treat HHV-6 with the Bionic asap.

I had heard that the biotensor is Dr. Woitzel's preferred diagnostic tool, but I had never seen him in action. He has been using this for the past 20 years, and when he uses it, the wire with the halo at the end is literally jerking up-down or left-right. Believe me, I was watching his hand. My mom also had the sole task of watching his hand. It wasn't initiating the movement. To settle any lingering doubt that Dr. Woitzel is most confident in its accuracy, he tested me for lyme with the biotensor before he used the Bicom! My turn to nod up and down.

Of course, when he tried to teach me how to use his biotensor it didn’t budge. Even more worrisome was that it only started inching up and down when the “female” side of the halo was turned toward me. I asked Dr. Woitzel, “Does that mean I am a female??” “I don’t know,” he responded. I suppose there are limits to his all-seeing, all-knowing gaze.

But after an entire Tuesday spent practicing the biotensor, I got it to work. With the male side, nonetheless. Wishful thinking? I hope not. I then spent the better part of the last 2 days practicing more, figuring out the chronology of my infections, and getting the green light to treat the HHV-6 with the Bionic. I’ve probably already said too much, and I won’t use it to pick out my wife, but I’ll say this: I believe this is the one of the most powerful diagnostic tools I've ever come across. Many tools such as this used by German doctors work outside the realm of conventional science, dipping into physics and quantum physics, yet they yield superior results to pill-popping, the brainchild of conventional modern science. I'm not in the business of convincing people why something works, only to report that so far the results of this unconventional tool, when used by either Dr. W or myself, agree 100% with those unequivocal results I've gotten from blood tests, muscle testing, and autonomic response testing..

If you're interested in learning more about it, the website is To read it in English, copy and paste that url into google and click on "translate this page"

The total visit with Dr. W cost about 1700 euros. It varies from patient to patient obviously, but all those ozone treatments put me on the upper end. My family and I believe it was worth every penny, as I finally found something that works for these infections that have sucked out all semblance of mojo and made me feel totally powerless for the past 3 years. Hip hip, lyme be gone!! Epstein-barr too (mono) too!! The hardest part is over, and I finally sense the beginning of the end. A part of me still can't believe I'm saying this, but I have a clear road map going forward and I have these people to thank for it:

Dr. Woitzel

Nurses Sandra and Nutina
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