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Daily dose of vitamin D

Posted Feb 19 2011 1:09pm
Today was one of those freakishly warm February days. Although I wasn't feeling well, I had to get outside and soak up some of the sun. I definitely get more blue in the winter, which in turn makes me feel worse physically too. I have had way too many snowed in days. So when it's almost 70 out, who cares if snow is still on the ground, I had to get out of the house!

Even though it was an hour or so before I usually take my dog out for her afternoon walk, as soon as I said, OUT, she immediately was by the door, wagging her tail with joy. The plan was to walk her around my apartment complex and then find a sunny bench to rest and relax.

We sat outside on the bench for about 15 minutes. It was so calming and peaceful. The sun immediately lifted my spirits. Then one of my neighbors brought her dog out and they ran around together for a bit. It was nice to chat with her and break up my day. CFS can be such a lonely illness. So getting a little sun and talking with a neighbor helped perk up my day.

Studies show that 25% of people with CFS or Fibromylagia have low levels of vitamin d. I know every time I get my blood work done my vitamin d is either low or border low. I eat foods with vitamin d such as eggs and wild salmon.  I also take a vitamin d supplement, 2,000 IU a day and there is also some vitamin d in my daily tablespoon of cod liver oil. But in the winter when you're barely outside, it's hard to keep your levels up. I personally think getting a little sun is not only good to boost your vitamin d, but to boost your spirits. Maybe that's just because I'm a beach girl. Something about being outside in the sun just puts me in a good mood.

I definitely think it's important to get out as much as possible. Even if it is just sitting on a bench! Now I'm really looking forward to spring. Maybe next time I'll bring a magazine or book to read. One thing I know is my dog is always more than ready to join me!
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