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Posted Mar 13 2011 12:00am
I'm having a post-exertional day - you know, the kind of day where you can only just get dressed, feebly start and stop several activities before finally giving in. Not surprising really, what with the travelling earlier in the week and being very intrepid yesterday and getting a bus into town. The thing about buses here is that they are regular but infrequent and I'm still finding my way around the local geography. Those two things combined make for heightened anxiety about any bus journey. It was a three hour round trip to see my Care Coordinator because of the gap between buses. So I used the extra time to pop into Tesco and visit the library. That meant walking about and it was all using extra spoons. I got home, rested and got up in time to make dinner for AJ and R and then welcome my friends for a raucous craft evening. Great fun but I am POOPED today.

It felt a bit wrong having so much fun with the terrible events unfolding in Japan. I find I keep returning to news websites as if I can't quite believe what I'm seeing and I have to keep checking. Awful.  


Had to stop there I was so done in. It is the next morning and I'm still feeling pretty grim. You know the moment you wake up don't you? Slight headache, tinnitus, sore eyes, aching joints and muscles, tottering to the loo hanging onto the walls along the way so you don't fall over. Pointless even trying to blog as I can't hold my concentration for more than a couple of minutes at a time. See you next time.
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