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Constant Change

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm

Not a good day. Jessica woke up saying " I dont feel real good - my fingers are swollen and hurt, my throat hurts, and I'm just tired..." She went back to sleep and slept the rest of the morning. I brought lunch to her in bed. Afterwards, she asked if I would stay and keep her company. She also started getting one of her one-sided headaches. I sat on her bed, and we visited for a couple of hours until she'd evidently decided it was time for another nap.

When she woke up, she "didn't want to move" but wanted me to bring her rabbit up to her. My husband and I might not like having to clean up after the rabbit, but we like the fact that he's therapuetic.

Of course, she missed both classes today. She's got quite a bit of homework and a History test coming up on Thursday. Her English teacher has been very understanding though. Her email to me today was " The assignment for today if she feels up to it is to read pages 139-167. I am also attaching the chapter questions in case she wants to do them." She's also told Jessica that she "used to have" CFS.

I was just bragging 2 posts ago that Jessica was doing good, had a good week, and seemed to have improved. The good days bring hope and excitement. And then she's knocked back down again. I was reminded of something I read in Sue's ( Learning to Live With CFS ) blog: " The only constant is constant change; as soon as you get used to being in a certain state, it shifts again."

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