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Coalbrookdale in the snow

Posted Jan 06 2010 12:00am

Snow is very exciting if you live in England. We don't see it very often, or it snows and doesn't settle. (Scotland and Wales get more of it obviously). In recent years it there have been whole winters that have passed without a snowflake in sight. This Winter has seen the longest cold snap since 1981, which, coincidentally, was the year AJ and I first started going out together.

So this is the first serious, long-lying snow that some have ever seen. And if you are older it reminds you of your youth. My daughter, who works in a supermarket, informs me that people are panic buying. The media are getting folk all hyped up with rumours about gas shortages (that's natural gas - not petroleum), and stories about local authorities running out of grit and such like. Mind you, with deeper snow, grit is absolutely useless.

Here, in the West Midlands the snow is fairly light and I'm a little disappointed. I'd like to wrap up warm and go and play in it, sink up to my knees in it and fling myself into banks of it with total abandon. It would be worth the crash. I did manage a little teetering walk yesterday afternoon but that's about it. So even if the snow was deeper I couldn't take advantage of it anyway - never mind.

I feel sorry for the birds. They are having a hard time of it. We feed them regularly putting out a mixture of chicken, cereals and seed. Trouble is next door's cat gets the chicken. Meat eating birds such as robins and blackbirds are turning to seed just to keep themselves alive. We have to remember to put food on the ground for the ground feeders such as pigeons and dunnocks, as well as in the hanging dispensers.

More snowy pictures soon I expect. . . .

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