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Clarifying M.E./CFS fatigue in ONE word

Posted Dec 21 2010 1:05pm

Well, it’s official. I am in the throws of a crash.  I’m having chills, increased pain levels and utter exhaustion.  I am able to sleep about five hours a night now but I toss and turn a lot and then am usually wide awake at 7 or 8.  Today, I opened my eyes and knew I was not going to get out of bed.  Thankfully, I actually fell back to sleep and slept until  11.

I got up and made a cup of tea, started a load of laundry, and am back in bed.  I am wiped out.

I have been thinking about how to explain the fatigue that comes with M.E./CFS for as long as I have had this blog.  I just couldn’t find the right words.  Until, that is, I read Laurel ‘s interview with Life Skills Magazine .  It suddenly hit me (don’t ask me why it took me so long) that there is a way to explain the fatigue so that others can understand it, even if they have never been sick.  More amazing I realized I can sum up the fatigue up in one word.

Are you ready?   .  Yup.

Today, I was thinking about how I felt like I had the mono all over again.  Mono is a great description of this fatigue.  It is the I that comes with mono.

So … next time someone says in response to your telling them you have M.E./CFS that they are tired too…ask them if they have ever had mono or if they understand that kind of fatigue.  I have a feeling people will suddenly have an ah hah moment when they hear you and I describe the fatigue as the same as that of mono.

Best yet, most people have a frame of reference for mono and can relate.

Determined to continue forward,

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