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Posted Dec 24 2009 3:29pm

Dr TL had a Christmassy tie. He pressed a secret switch in the tie to play Christmas music and Rudolf’s eyes flashed in red. He pressed the switch again, and it played different tune.

I laughed. So, he did a little dance with the tune.

His baby patients would have loved that. However, he didn’t have any baby patients today. In fact, the clinic was very quiet. People must have been busy preparing for the Christmas. It seemed the only reason why Dr TL came to work was because he had my appointment…

He proudly announced that I was his last patient before the holiday. It made me feel very honoured.

He commented I looked very well. To be honest, I had been going through mini roller coasters of physical ups and downs. Since I felt okay while I was seeing him, I happily agreed with his observation. In general sense, my condition is debilitating. But in my personal sense, I was doing well as much as I could. I briefly mentioned I seemed to have some virus infection, although worst was already over. He jokingly asked what colour the virus was. Well, I didn’t look. Technically, I need microscope to see it.

He happily commented that Vitamin D is helping me. I happily agreed. He gave himself a mission to keep my Vitamin D supply. I’m grateful to have such a great doctor who tries his best to care my well-being.

He proudly reported that another patient is participating the Bond Uni research. This patient lives on the Gold Coast. So, I won’t meet him if/when I attend the information session at the Logan Hospital.

We briefly discussed about using motorised wheelchair and my difficulty of using manual wheelchair. Currently, I feel the extra trouble and expenses are not worth as I hardly go out. He cheekily suggested importing a motorised wheelchair disguised in flower-pot to avoid some of government charges. The idea was so deliberately ridiculous that actually entertained me very much. :-D

I had the best home record of PFM. It gave us pressure to perform better in his office. It shouldn’t matter where I made the best record at. But we are kind of comfortable with the idea/results that I perform better in his office. (We haven’t satisfactory identified the reason for it yet.) We certainly didn’t want to change that.

The first blow wasn’t good. He worried I was having performance anxiety. I excused I was just warming up. The next try was slightly better. I joked it wasn’t easy as I have an audience. He joked back if I wanted him to leave the office. Well…, the audience may be the key of good performance, so I really shouldn’t kick my good luck out from his own office. The 4th try gave us a slightly better result than the home record. We were happy.

Since I started taking Spiriva, my lung function is consistent. Dr TL was very happy about the improvement. It is because I have a very good doctor.

He wished me a Happy Christmas. I handed him a Christmas card and a small gift to thank for his care. He made kind comments on them. Before I stand up, he sat down on his chair again to have a little chat with me. It is always pleasure to chat with him. I’m not telling you the detail just in case he wants to keep his privacy. When it was time to go, he helped me with the walking stick. We wished a Happy Christmas to each other, and he thanked the little present again.

His roster will be changed after the holiday. I made an appointment on the day he comes back from the holiday. Then, I will find out if my appointments will be reduced or stay the same.

Meeting with him always lift my spirits and assures my hope. I was feeling happy and in good spirit when I got home. When I sat in the reclining chair in the living room, I was ambushed by the loneliness… Overwhelming depression ruined the happiness effect from the meeting. It upset me because I’d rather be indulged in the happiness effect than coping with depression/loneliness at the moment.

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