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Changes, Changes and More Changes

Posted Jul 22 2012 4:06pm

Hello everyone!  It has been a little over a month since I have done any writing here.  Phew!  I often wonder where all the time flies off too!

As you probably have guessed I’m back from my vacation back East.  I had an amazing time!

Since I have been back I have been resting up trying to get back to my ‘normal’ place.  It always amazes me how much it takes out of me to travel and go on vacation.  Hmmmm…

Since the heat has started hitting 105+ here in Tulsa, I have been having more problems with my energy levels.  I am still doing extremely well but I am having to watch myself a bit.

In addition, I am struggling once again with getting to bed on time and getting my 10-12 hours of sleep.  I finally was able to do that last night and hopefully will be able to do it again tonight and get back into my rhythm.

As far as my exercising goes I am still doing that, although starting this week, I will be doing upper and lower body weight lifting on different days.  It is taking me too long to do it all, and as a result, I think I’m over doing it because of that.  So … by splitting my two-day weight lifting routine into a four-day routine, I think my body will be better able handle it better.

I’m still doing massages as well, although again, that is wearing me out.  It seems like any time I have a break in my routine that last more than a week, I have to almost start over with everything.  So frustrating .. but ..  it is what it is.

I have also decided to start my own business.  I know.  Something else for me to do, right?

However, I have really been struggling with not having enough to keep me busy during the day.  It’s been a real huge struggle since the beginning of the year and I was driving my friends crazy with all my texting (which I realized I was doing to fill the void).  And yet, the brain injury is such that I can’t even consider working for someone else.  And of course, there are still times where I have to take a break or a rest, so starting my own business just felt right for me at this time.

The nice thing about it is that I get to help my daughter in the long run, I have something more to fill my days, and I can schedule my work in a way that fits the unpredicability of  myalgic encephalomyelits (ME) and fibromyalgia (FMS).  Plus, I have no unpredictable or demanding boss to cater too all the time as well.

I’ve been thinking about how this January will be three years that I have been inviting you all into my home, my life, my struggles and my victories.  I actually am not sure how my life would feel without you all being part of it.  It’s like you have become my extended family, if you will.

So I thought it was about time that I gave you all a thank you gift for staying will me all this time.  The business I started is with Mary Kay and I have a website which I have added a link to, as well as the link to my Facebook business page which I am calling,

If any of you would like me as your consultant, or to purchase anything from my website or Facebook page, just send me an emai,l or comment here, or at my Facebook wall and I will automoatically give you a 15% discount because you have been such a loyal reader. (I plan next month to add the capability of online ordering so that will make it much easier for everyone to purchase whatever their heart desires but this will have to suffice for now! )

I would not be where I am, or as well as I am, if it hadn’t been for you all.  The wealth of wisdom, experience, as well as the love and encouragement you all give me every day is phenomenal!  I am who I am because of who and what you were and are to me.

So, please accept this discount as my way of saying thank you, thank you, and thank you.

One last thing.  I updated my blog only to discover that the wonderful book/author theme I had, was not compatible with WordPress anymore so everything crashed.  I had to redesign the look and to be honest I’m not convinced this will be the final change.  So just as a heads up, expect lots of theme changes until I stumble on something that works for 4Walls and AView.

You know, if I were totally and brutally honest, I would tell you I hate change.  And these past 3 years have met me with incredible changes.  Lately, however, I have come to realize that change is a good thing.  Without change, I can never hold on to the hope that tomorrow will bring better things into my life.  Changes is the vehicle that enables possibility to reign in my life.

I pray that change will come to you and yours in a way that allows you to hang on to hope and possibility as well.

All my love and hugs, I am … Determined to Continue Forward,










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