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CFS In The News

Posted Sep 11 2008 9:02pm

While it's good to see CFS showing up more often in the mainstream media, it's also disheartening to see silly-sounding, over-simplified reports of miracle cures, like the one circulating this week about dark chocolate and CFS.

Hey, I'm always thrilled to hear any news about dark chocolate being good for me, but this USA Today blurb trivializes CFIDS and makes it sound like we can solve all of our problems with a few squares of chocolate. The BBC did a better job of covering the full story and emphasizing the seriousness of CFS/ME. The UK's ME Association provides a more complete explanation of the study results.

Fortunately, the news a couple of weeks ago about the link between CFS and enteroviruses received much broader and more complete media coverage. I subscribe to Yahoo's clipping service and saw dozens of news articles from tv, radio, and newspapers from across the country. This kind of report of hard science linking CFS to known viruses is the stuff that will help the medical community and the general public to better understand and respect CFS as the serious illness that it is.

Keep 'em coming!

In the meantime, it can't hurt to continue my nightly ritual of mint tea and dark chocolate.

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