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CFS-Can someone share re sore throats,muscle pain and joint pain,intermittent or persistent?

Posted by Hopeful

Really want to know the trend ,just have started back to work worked only 2 days,pacing myself  and these new symptoms started and have persisted for 4 days.I have to pull out in 25 days to be eligible for long term disability.I wasn't to work but I want to be educated about what to expect and need to know what is the normal trend.My first symptoms of debilitating fatigue,impaired concentration,brain fog have persisted for 2 yrs.
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Dear Hopeful -


I just responded to your first question regarding sudden onset of sore throat and joint pain.  That question didn't mention that you had just started back to work.  In that case, it's likely the cause of your increased symptoms is simply increased exertion - it doesn't take much to trigger a post-exertional crash, even if you think you are pacing yourself.


In addition to my previous response, you should also see how you do on the weekend or whenever you have a few days off in a row.  Force yourself to just rest on your days off as much as possible and see if your symptoms improve at all.


You may also want to educate yourself about Orthostatic Intolerance (OI).  It's a condition that affects almost everyone with CFS and it is behind many of the CFS symptoms, especially if your new job requires you to be on your feet more than you're used to. 


Here's an excellent summary on OI in people with CFS, including how to treat it (start with lots of extra salt and fluids):


And, an excellent overview on treating CFS (including OI): 


Good luck -


Sue Jackson 

Thank you very much for responding.It is amazing how little people and Doctors are educated  about this syndrome,I have been a Registered Nurse for 22 yrs and only known 1 person with this many yrs ago and I do not have a way to get in touch with her.I already have been tested  for Lymes at my request.I did test positve for a history of HHV-6 and the Epstein Barr.I feel pretty good about this not being an infection like strep.At this point it has lasted now 13 days  along with the joint and muscle pain.Some days worse than others. I have an Administrative job so I am not on my feet like many nurses.Left message with my MD waiting to hear back.Anxiety is high in that I have to make a deciscion re: work  in the next couple wks re: pulling out to be eligible for long term disability through work.  I want to work but not at the price of increased symptoms.My priorities are God ,family then work.Wish I could afford to not work but it takes both incomes(but my health comes before work,even if we have to downsize).

Thanks again so much for answering ,from Hopeful in NC.

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