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CBS Covers Latest ME/CFS Research on The Early Show

Posted Feb 25 2011 8:58am
Wow, CBS is just rockin' the ME/CFS media world this week!

First the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric did a spot on the new research showing unique proteins in the spinal fluid of both CFS and chronic Lyme patients.  Some have complained that the piece was too brief, but I was thrilled.  This was network evening news!  One minute, 40 seconds out of their precious one hour show was a huge victory for ME/CFS patients, especially considering the fact that they chose to report on the spinal fluid study and completely ignored last week's misleading CBT/GET study out of the UK.

Now CBS did a spot on this new research on The Early Show...and this time we got 2 minutes, 24 seconds!  You can watch the video here .   This report emphasizes the serious debilitating effects of CFS and how the new research may help provide diagnostic tests and perhaps treatments in the future.  Interestingly, the health reporter doesn't mention Lyme disease at all in this report.

Also the CBS news coverage of this research has helped to fuel coverage on many other major news outlets, including MSNBC (c'mon Today Show, get with it!), Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! News, and Fox News.  It seems to be completely eclipsing any more reporting on the UK PACE trials.

This just in!  Here's a video link to the piece that Fox News did on this study.  This was sort of a strange piece.  Their medical expert did explain that the study differentiated between CFS and chronic Lyme, and he explained why that was important.  He emphasized that CFS was a serious, biological disorder and that he himself has diagnosed patients with it.  But he also said a bunch of stuff about how important it was to be able to tell the difference between depression and CFS, he implied that some people report symptoms they don't actually have, he briefly mentioned exercise as a potential therapy for CFS, and he kept emphasizing that muscle pain and weakness are the critical symptoms in diagnosing CFS.  Huh?  I have very little pain - just all-over flu-like achiness during a crash, but even that isn't really muscles.  He said nothing about post-exertional malaise or signs of immune system dysfunction, like sore throat and swollen glands - two things that I believe are unique to CFS and helpful in telling it apart from other medical problems.  So, it was sort of an odd piece...but they did cover the facts of the new study and emphasized the seriousness of ME/CFS.  The more coverage of this and all other scientific studies, the better!
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