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Cardiac Perfusion Persantin Thallium Scan: Part 2

Posted Jun 20 2010 11:53pm

Cardiac Perfusion Persantin Thallium Scan is to measures the risk of having heart attack. I mistook it as ME/CFS related test, but I now realised it is not the case. They refer it as Stress Test.

In Australia, an education campaign is going currently that Heart Disease kills more women than Breast Cancer. ( Go Red for Women )  So, I knew it was an important test for me.

The test has three parts, the pre scan, cardiac stress test, and the post scan.

First, they put IV line in my arm. The woman gave me another hard time that I had some water in the morning and medications that I don’t take in the morning. I’m guilty about the water, but it was very minimum. I was extremely thirsty and I worried that I would get OI incidence in the car if I didn’t. I didn’t eat or drink (other than a little bit of water) since midnight as instructed. And with my problem sleep cycle, I usually don’t take medicines in the morning anyway. Whatever the reasons were, she just had to treat me as if I was trouble maker.

Once the IV line was inserted and secured, a young technician injected thallium, the radioactive chemical.

We, then had to wait until the chemical is ready for the scan. I don’t carry a watch, so I didn’t know the time. But we may have waited for about an hour or longer.

One by one, 5 of us went under the scanning machine. It took about 10 minutes each and preparation. I was the last one. Room was extremely bright with lights and morning sun from the window. It hurt my eyes and made me feel exhausted.

The young technician was calm and gentle, which was a little relief for me.

After the scan, I had to wait for another hour there. It was busy and people constantly come and go for the bone density scan.

Then, other patient and I were told to go upstairs for the Stress Test. Since I was too slow pushing my wheelchair, the woman in charge pushed it.

I think it was Cardiologists’ clinic with nicely set reception and waiting area. And we were told to wait again. The receptionist called one patient at a time to settle the account. They took their time.

While waiting, I became very unwell. When I thought I was about pass out, I asked a receptionist for a place to lie down. My voice was almost gone and I was quickly getting weak.

The receptionist first didn’t realise how unwell I was and told me I had to settle the account first. Just in time, the woman came to me and asked what was wrong. At this point, I didn’t recognise her. She asked if I am always like this or this is only happening now. I think she was relieved that I wasn’t getting ill from the chemical. Once she heard that I’m always like this, she pushed me to an empty room and let me lie on the exam table. With my weakened muscles, it was a bit of struggle to climb up on the table. I told her that I would be okay once I lie down and rest. I asked her to turn the light off.

And she left me in peace alone in the dark room, which I really needed.

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