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Cape Town - Doctor recommendations???

Posted Dec 27 2010 12:00am
Hey people,

Just a quick post to see if anyone from Cape Town can help this guy Rory who mistook me to be from Cape Town. He is looking for a good doc from Cape Town. I think I have a few followers from Cape Town... Any suggestions anyone??? PLEASE SEE HIS COMMENT PASTED BELOW

"Hi Treya

I am a fellow Capetonian.

I am 29 and was diagnosed with ME/CFS 6 years ago, the first 4 years left me in a position where I could live a fairly normal life, although at a reduced level. However I have gradually declined over the years to a point where I am now bed ridden.

I was recently diagnosed with two forms of Rickettsia by Dr Jadin and prescribed with antibiotics. During the treatment I too experienced a similar symptom of extreme itching without any visible rash as well as severe twitching in my legs, both these were new symptoms which I had not previously experienced.

I unfortunately have stopped the antibiotics as I steadily declined throughout the period (8 months) even though I was retested and found that there had been a positive effect on the Rickettsia.

How is your treatment going?

Could you recommend a good Doctor in Cape Town as I have been living in the UK for the past 7 years>

Looking forward to hear from you.

Take Care and best wishes for the festive season."

Christmas has been ok. I'm down with a tummy bug at the moment... Fun times : )

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

I hope you are all ok...

Treya : )
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