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Candida again

Posted Jun 19 2009 5:42pm
Just a quick post before first rest. I've just come back from the doc's with a prescription for 7 days of flucanazole. I was describing to her the up and down nature of my CFS and how it seems recently to be linked to outbreaks of thrush. Also that I'd always pooh-poohed the idea of thrush being the culprit in CFS but now I was beginning to wonder. My doctor is German and she told me in Germany they are very keen on exclusion diets for candida but in the UK most doctors also seem not to recognise the significance of it.

So, any tips and hints, please let me know. I'm already off dairy, bread and vinegar. I'm reducing (not very successfully) caffeine. The doc says I've got to go low carb as well. Boo hoo, I love my bananas.
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