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Cancer Drug May Help ME/CFS Patients

Posted Oct 20 2011 9:52am
Just wanted to take a moment to tell you about some very exciting news.  A recent study in Norway showed that a drug used to treat cancer, Rituximab, improved symptoms in 10 out of 15 ME/CFS patients.  Two of the patients were completely recovered and able to go back to work!  Here's an article from New Scientist that provides a good overview of the study . Apparently, the drug works by destroying B cells in the immune system...which makes sense since immune system dysfunction is such a central part of ME/CFS.

We should know by now not to get TOO excited over preliminary research, but this is a good starting point that will hopefully be followed up by some similar studies here in the U.S. and elsewhere.  The great thing is that this is a drug that is already on the market, approved to treat lymphoma (they figured out it might help with ME/CFS when they treated a lymphoma patient who also had ME/CFS and he got much better), so if it does work, it is immediately available.

On another topic, the two new Facebook groups for teens with CFS and their parents are both going really well.  The teen group has 10 members so far, and the parents' group is already up to 19 members, with lots of great discussions going on at both.  So, if you fit it into either of these categories, please join us!

And, I am aware of the problems with the links I posted to the ME Mums and Dads group (for parents who have CFS) and the Pacing with a Heart Monitor groups.  The problems are due to the fact that these are Secret groups (the two new ones I set up and the LDN group are Closed groups but not Secret), and I am working with the administrators of both groups to try to figure things out.  As soon as we do that, I will post new links.  A huge thank you to those of you who let me know the links weren't working!!  They work fine for me - because I am already a member of both - so I wouldn't have known of the problems without your help.  Stay tuned!
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