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Can YOU see it?

Posted Sep 06 2011 11:38am

Mayo Building Dancing on the rooftop and looking at the view makes me realize that even THIS was a dream and a desire of mine for several years.  Everytime my friends and I would drive by downtown, I would express my deep desire to live here.

At that time, it wasn’t even a remote possibility because there weren’t any rentals in the downtown area here.  Yet, several years later, THIS has become my fulfilled dream. I am living among the tall building and the bustling city life that I so adore.

Interestingly, it was the mold and the exposure to a toxic chemical that became the catalyst for me to step out and grab a chance at my dream.  Imagine that? (wink).

Today I sit here among the many things that make me happy, thrive, and feel alive.  Broadway, Ballet, Sports, Concerts, Fairs, Art, Architecture, Churches, and so much more.  These are the things that speak to my soul and inspire me with creativity, love, hope and the belief that even THESE things, that seemed so impossible at the time, still do happen!

Serendipty? Maybe.  Diving appointment?  I think so.  Call it what you like but there is good in the world.  Sometimes, though, we don’t see our dreams and hopes materialize because our dreams are dependent on someone else fulfilling their dreams and hopes.   When they fulfill their dreams and hopes, I then am able to grab hold of mine … as I was here.

So what dream am I sitting on, holding on to that someone else is waiting for so they can grab hold of their dreams?  What dream are you holding onto that will birth someone else’s dream to come to pass?

So many of us have spent decades waiting for the scientific arena to find a causal link and cure so we can grab hold of our dreams.  I’m right there with you.  I am frustrated at the time that has passed with little happening.

Now, however, a new criteria and definition has come out and I see the possibility of a causal link and cure in the near future.

With this new criteria and a small step forward, a door has creaked open that reveals that we finally have a possibility at being able to grab hold of our dreams and hopes, someday soon.

I see my friend, Laurel, finally getting married to her wonderful fiancee.

I see my friend Toni going to her grand-daughter’s school functions in person.

I see my friend Kerry walking, hiking and accomplishing her family trips with ease.

I see my friend Barry, writing the next best seller, which will allow him to travel all over the world visiting all of his many, many friends.

I see my friend Lee Lee at an art show and becoming the next hot thing in the art world.

I can see it!  It’s on the horizon.  Like the rental property here that had to be built in order for me to be able to fulfill one of my dreams, hopes and possiblities.

It will take time.  But I can see it!

I see us all embracing the dreams, hopes and passions we have all been diligently hanging on to all these years as we patiently await the scientific world fulfilling their dream:  a cure for ME and FMS.


Can YOU see it?

Determined to continue forward,


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