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Busy busy busy

Posted Jul 18 2010 7:39pm
Well...relatively busy. For me, anyway! Had dinner with the beau's parents for the first time last night. They don't know about me and my oh-so-specialness, so I had to pretend and be "normal" which never leads to anything good. We parked far and had to walk far (otherwise, I usually just get dropped off while he parks) and then they insisted on walking us back to the car. So I had to walk like a normal person (ie 5 times faster than my normal pace). Oh goodness. It all seems so minor writing it here. But needless to say, between all the walking and the general elevated levels of stress, I'm out for the count today.

I also got semi-lectured by a coworker this week who started prying into my life and condition. I don't like to discuss this with people, but he asked me about my life and if I go out or exercise, etc. I said usually no, to which he replied that if I never go out I'll never feel better. That's lovely. I adore talking to people and having them judge me and basically imply it's my own fault. I know it's just how it is with this condition and it's not a big deal, and I shouldn't let it get to me...but it just gets under my skin every time. But that's life, people will judge everything by their own (usually misguided) preconceptions.

And, I found this " Energy Point Index " for CFS recently. It's kind of helped me gauge where I'm at better, because I'd try to give myself a rating of wellness in the past, but as I would get better I'd realize that the numbers I had been giving myself should have been much lower. This helps standardize it! So, I've decided I'm now at a 4. A nice improvement from 3.5 or so a month ago.

And, and thanks for the comments for my last post. We have the cruise tickets and I'm very much looking forward to going! Now I just have to sit back and wait ever-so-patiently for September 12th, which is much too far away! :)

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