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Bumps in the road

Posted Jun 19 2009 5:42pm
Well, I've had a couple of spanners fall into my carefully oiled removal plans. The quote from the removal firm came back more than my possessions are worth and my next door neighbours felt uncomfortable about my yard sale on the grounds of security. We share a courtyard and their house is empty for much of the time. I completely understand their reservations and have cancelled but it does leave me with the prospect of doing a car boot sale and all that entails. And I'm sure the removals quote is the going rate, and a pretty competitive one at that.


I will now have to think of a way of doing the move on the cheap. In the olden, golden, pre-illness days I would have done it myself with the help of some hefty friends. I have sent a little prayer out to the God of Removals to see if I can find Man with Van, or Men with Van, or Woman or Women with Van.

Unlike chronic illness, death and taxes, these are small problems that can be sorted. However, I am already anxious about doing the car boot sale next weekend. My daughter is coming down to help. It's going to mean an early start, loading the car, unloading the car and then reloading again at the end. I'll have to rest on the back seat and take plenty of food and drink. I'm already worried about it to the point of not sleeping, I've had two nights lying awake fretting. I keep telling myself the worst that can happen is I 'push through' and then crash. The point of the yard sale was to avoid all the loading and unloading. I need to do the sale to reduce the amount of stuff I'm taking to Wales and raise some money for van hire.

Bother, bother, bother.

It's always the small stuff that trips you up isn't it?

I did have to laugh though. When the removals company sent me the quote by email, some disaffected employee had changed the file name from Shire to Shite removals.
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