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Posted Oct 18 2010 12:00am
Bored, bored, bored. This chest cold thing is hanging around and I'm too floppy even to crochet. I'm missing this glorious Autumn. When I was working I used to get frustrated about missing the outdoors but I still was out in it, driving through it morning and night, and popping out at lunchtime for a walk. When you do a drive regularly you get to know every lamp post, every tree, every shrub. I used to watch them change through the seasons, well not the lamp posts obviously.

I managed a twenty minute outing yesterday. AJ drove us up to the garden centre to chose some Spring bulbs. In days of old I would have had them all planted up the same day but I'm going to have to break this one down into ten minute parts: fill a pot, pause, plant a pot, pause, fill a pot etc. It will take a week. But I know for some of you out there, even this would be impossible. Part of acceptance is learning to work with what you've got and I could be more grateful for the level of functioning I do have.

Yesterday afternoon we did a quick review of everything we have on our plate and decided we have more than our fair share of difficulties at the moment. AJ works for a Quango (quasi autonomous non governmental organisation) and luckily it is not on the list of quangos going in the bonfire. However, there is a real possibility of him losing his job as cuts bite. I can't see that I would lose my out of work benefits once I've appealed, but I can imagine they may try and reduce my DLA. His divorce is proving sticky - no surprise there. Madam is trying to make him liable for her, rather sizeable, credit card bill, no doubt run up on the two holidays she's had this year. We've decided to take a day by day approach to the whole thing and not catastrophize. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying every minute in this lovely house while I can, with it's lovely view and the company of the fabulous friends I've made here.
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