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Book Review: The NEW Road to SERFDOM: A Letter of Warning to America

Posted Nov 13 2010 10:00pm

Today’s book review is different from my reviews of the past.  I am choosing to review a book that wasn’t given to me.  I purchased it as a personal, private matter.  However, upon reading it, I found myself empowered, re-energized, moved, and reminded of the blessing I have to call myself an American; to live in this amazing country called America, and to be part of the greatest nation in the world.

I do not say that to slight any other nation or people, just to say that this book really touched me.  Very rarely does a book on politics speak to me like, , has.  I don’t know about you, but I find myself often frustrated as to what the heck is going on in this country that I love.

As you probably noticed – or maybe not – I didn’t post anything for Veteran’s Day, which I normally do.  The reason was I got lost in this book and couldn’t pull myself out of it.

From the title, you would think this is a book about and for Americans only, but I would heartily disagree.  If you live in a country in which you government seems to have lost the ability to hear YOU – the people – then this is a book you will want to read.

The author, Daniel Hannan, does an incredible job explaining why America is so disliked by countries such as Europe.  For years, I had expected that is was due – as many say – to our success as a nation and our power as a super-nation.  However, in the end, it is much more simple than that. It comes down to ideology.  Mr. Hannan says,

The key component of this ideology is transnational integration, which Euro-diplomats prize above virtually every other goal, including democracy.

To prove his point, Mr. Hannan use Slovenia as an example.

When Slovenia declared its independence from the Yugoslav federation in 1991, following an overwhelming referendum result, the EU condemned the decision and cautioned the other Yugoslav republics against secession.  To this day, the EU runs protectorates in Bosnia, Herzegovina and Kosovo, more or less for the sole purpose of preventing partition.

There you have it.  This is all about the EU – or any body like them – controlling every nation, every state, every person.  What is problematic for them, at this point in time, – and for our own current government officials – is that ‘we the people’ are not so easily ‘controlled.’  In addition, we have something that most nations do not have – especially many nations within the EU: Nationalism or patriotism.  An innate loyalty, appreciation, and love for our country.

Imagine living in a nation where the people’s voice is no longer listened to?  The consequence is a people who no longer are concerned with how their government/country runs because they understand they no longer have any power to sway said politicians into doing what is best for the people of their country.

That is where Europe is and many other nations.  That is where America is headed if “we the people” do not recall the responsibility – a grave responsibility – given us by our Founding Father’s, to remain true to the Jeffersonian ideals our country was built on.  Mr. Hannan also makes it quite clear that we need to uphold our responsibility not just for the sake of our own country, but for all the other nations that depend on us.  Mr. Hannan says,

The eyes of all people are upon you.  And if they see you repudiate your past, abandon that which has brought you to greatness, become just another country, they, too, will have lost something.

I don’t want to give away any more than I have because I want you to read this book.  I think every American – and those becoming American citizens – should read this book.

Having said that, let me leave you with this last quote from Mr. Hannan.

So let me close with a heartfelt imprecation, from a Briton who loves his country to Americans who still believe in theirs.  Honor the genius of your founders.  Respect the most sublime constitution devised by human intelligence.  Keep faith with the design that has made you independent.  Preserve the freedom of the nation to which, by good fortune and God’s grace, you are privileged to belong.

I couldn’t have said better.  That closing paragraph sums up what this book is all about.  I hope with all my heart you chose to read it … and maybe … even pass it on so someone else so they can become inspired, awed and motivated to fight like never before for the country they love.

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