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Birthday memories

Posted Sep 19 2010 12:00am
I am still largely 'in crash' from last week's party, which seems such a long time ago now. I pulled out all my energy stops and sailed through on adrenaline, sugar and caffeine. It took about four days for the crash to set in. I kept thinking 'oh, this is it.' and then it would deepen, and I'd think 'oh, here it is.' It wasn't till Thursday when we had no milk in the house, I needed to pick up a prescription and had library books to return that I really felt it. When I got to Tesco's I bought an isotonic drink before I shopped to get me round the store. I limited shopping to six items and the whole thing was like wading through deep mud. I didn't make it to the library which is a few steps across the road from Tesco. Oh the frustration!

There was a big build up to the party with friends coming round to help and family arriving. My daughter and her partner decorated the house with banners and balloons and she made two wonderful raspberry victoria sponge cakes, one with a five and one with a zero. Mum had put together a CD of photos from my whole life, which was utterly fascinating and moved me to tears. She also brought some of my old early exercise books full of tales of dragons and princesses, rabbits and troublesome brothers. 

The weather held, so we could sit outside and barbecue. There was food and conversation, what more could you want? I finally gave in around eight thirty in the evening, but before I went up to bed and left them all to it, AJ brought out one of those lantern things that you light and it floats away. We all trooped out onto our tiny front lawn with my Mother constantly repeating that we mustn't do it for fear of setting light to someone's house. Everyone studiously ignored her. The sky was cloudless and the lantern drifted high against the stars. We all watched for long minutes as it got smaller and smaller, and then winked out.
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